Tuesday, July 9, 2013

rsvp rage

why do people not respond to invitations that specifically ask for a respone?  there is a reason people ask for a response, so what is your reason for not doing that?  i'm not asking you whether you're coming so that i can feel more popular.  i'm asking so that i can make sure that i have enough food for you.  i hate nothing more than people who never respond but then show up and eat.  or who never respond, but i go ahead and assume they're coming, and then they don't, and i've wasted a shit-ton of money on food that won't get eaten. 

not responding to invitations is so rude.  i can't.fucking.stand.it.  we sent out an evite, so literally all you have to do is click your mouse like 3 times - once to open the email, once to choose your response, and once to close the email.   it is not hard.  it does not take up more than 15 seconds of your time. 

i seriously want to send out an email to everyone who hasn't responded and say, "since you have not responded to our multiple requests for an answer, we are going to assume you're not coming.  there will not be food for you.  please do not show up and expect to eat."  is that rude?  yep.  but so is not clicking a little box. 

sometimes, i really hate people.

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