Wednesday, November 28, 2012

bothers me...

you know what really bothers me?  ok, background a bit.  have you heard of placenta encapsulation?  it's where you pay someone to come, take your placenta, dry it out, then encapsulate it into pills for you to digest post-partum.  the belief is that it helps fight post-partum depression because it contains all your pregnancy hormones, so you don't have that sudden drop/spike of hormonal changes that can contribute to ppd.  the side effects or negatives?  none, really.  i dunno, i think it sounds pretty brilliant, and if it didn't cost $200-$300 or whatever, i actually totally think i'd do it. 

so you know what really bothers me?  when people go, "have you heard about these people who eat their placenta?  that is so disgusting."  dudes, they're not eating their placenta.  they're not sitting down at the dinner table with some fava beans and a nice chianti. this isn't silence of the lambs type shit.  this is someone whisks it away and then shows back up with some pills.  it's really not that gross - get over it, people.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

33 weeks

*we didn't get an actual bump photo this week, but we have lots of pictures from the baby shower, so i'll be sure to post those as soon as my mom emails them to me!*

*also, i wrote this thinking i'd schedule it to post on thursday.  i forgot.  so it's a few days late.* 

baby is the size of: a durian fruit (a what?!)
how far along are you: 33weeks
due date/days left: jan 10/49 days
sleep:  i had a few nights where i actually slept through the night.  but then i woke up at 3am tuesday and couldn't go back to sleep.      
best moment this week: our childbirth class.  initially, the videos made me want to keep this kid in me forever, but then the actual education made it seem a little less scary.   
what are you looking forward to: it's a big week!  thanksgiving on thursday, 15th class reunion on saturday, and my shower on sunday!  we're gonna see so many people, i cannot wait! 
what do you miss:  sleep. 
symptoms: i felt enormous this week.  i swear i could actually feel myself getting bigger at some points.  and my back and hips hurt constantly.  i have an appointment with a prenatal chiropractor on monday.  i hope it helps.  and swelling. 
weight gain: about 23 pounds.  
movement:  like crazy!
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: shockingly, still in!
rings: off.  )c:  when i wake up in the morning, my hands and feet are pretty puffy.  my feet go down eventually, but my hands stay at least a little puffy all day.  i am no longer comfortable with my rings on because i worry about being able to get them off.  a few times it was pretty difficult, and i'm just not willing to take the risk anymore.  one of my high school friends just reminded me that they had to cut her toe ring off when she went into labor with her daughter!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my boy

it's 4:27am.  i've been awake for an hour and 27 minutes.  i woke up at 3am for my nightly pee, and was wide awake from that point forward (don't get me started on my nightly panics about waking up in the 3 o'clock hour, thanks to the exorcism of emily rose).  after tossing and turning for an hour, i finally gave up and got up.  i'm sitting downstairs now, sportscenter on tv for noise, cheating on my registries, and thinking about our son.

our son.

dear baby boy,

i'm sorry that i don't talk to you as much as i probably should, but i hope that you "hear" the running conversation that i have with you in my head.  pregnancy has been such an incredible journey for me, and i cannot wait to meet you, the little man who has taken up residence and claimed his space in my belly and in my heart.  already you fill such a huge space in my heart, and i haven't even laid eyes on you yet.  i cannot even comprehend the level of love that i feel for you.

i constantly wonder who you'll be.  will you be funny, like your dad?  will you be stubborn, like your mom?  what is it that will make you just distinctly you?  i lay in bed, feeling you move, and think about the little personality you're already forming.  i think about what you look like, and can't wait to finally see you - study your face, count your tiny toes, kiss your little fingers, nuzzle your fuzzy head.  it's hard to believe that we are only 7 weeks away from meeting you, and yet it feels like it's eons away.

you aren't even here yet but you are so lucky already.  you have so many family members who are excited to meet you.  not just me, your daddy, and your fursister, padfoot.  but gigi and fritz, and grandpa, and aunt callie, uncle anthony, and your baby cousin.  i cannot wait to have cousin playdates with aunt callie and uncle anthony.  i am so excited that you will have a cousin to grow up with.  you have other cousins, too - gabe and avery.  they are much older than you but i know you will love them and look up to them.  so many others - pop and nunu, uncle mike, uncle dan... plus all your extended family members.  and our friends, who are the family we've chosen.  you will grow up surrounded by love, i can assure you.

i just can't wait to share our lives with you.  to dance in the living room.  read books in your nursery.  bake cookies in the kitchen.  create memories and start traditions and have our family quirks.  take you on vacations and show you the world.  watch you play with your cousins and chase padfoot around the house (she'll be terrified). 

oh, my little boy, i just cannot wait to meet you and see what a special little person you'll be.  i promise to let you be the person you're meant to be, to celebrate everything you are, and to help you become whatever you want to be.

love you,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

32 weeks

baby is the size of: a jicama!
how far along are you: 32 weeks, 3 days
due date/days left: jan 10/53 days
sleep:  still not great - up anytime between 3-5 to pee, chug water, eat tums, and take off my pants.    
best moment this week: the weekend.  we took it pretty easy.  it was nice, for a change 
what are you looking forward to: our childbirth class on saturday (technically yesterday) 
what do you miss:  sleep. 
symptoms: when people ask me how i'm feeling, my standard answer now is, "pregnant."  nobody wants to hear that my back and hips hurt constantly, that my knees hurt, that i feel like my stomach is going to split open, that i can't breathe, that i am gtting heartburn, and that i generally just feel huge and sluggish.  they don't care.  so i just say i feel pregnant.  cuz i do.
weight gain: about 23 pounds.  
movement:  he's gonna be a dancer, i'm sure of it.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: shockingly, still in!
rings: on, but i find myself removing them pretty frequently. 

on another note, in an email chain with my sister and mom, i thought it would have been cool if i'd cooked a meal each week using the fruit/veggie that is the size of the baby.  way too late this time around, but maybe with the next baby i'll do it.  i'll write a blog about it.  and then it'll get popular and someone can write a movie about me.  i wonder who would play me in a movie.....?

and just for fun, here's another picture.  padfoot wanted in on the action...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

old wives' tales

so we already know i'm having a boy, but it's still fun to look at the old wives' tales and see if they're accurate or not.  so...

how you carry - if you carry in front, it's a boy; if you expand all over, it's a girl - i am all belly.  and a little boob.  conclusion?  boy.  accurate.

heart rate - if baby's heart rate is consistently above 140, it's a girl; if it's below 140, it's a boy - our baby's heart rate has always been above 140.  in fact, for 3 months in a row, it was 156 - the nurse told me to play that number in the lottery.  conclusion?  girl. fail.

cravings - if you crave sweet, it's a girl; if you crave salty, it's a boy - the only true cravings i've had have been for mexican and velveeta shells and cheese, which i guess would be considered salty.  conclusion?  boy.  accurate.

chinese gender prediction chart - i did 5 of these online.  3 said girl.  1 said boy.  conclusion?  girl.  fail.

skin - if your face/skin breaks out, it's a girl; if it stays the same, it's a boy - my skin has stayed pretty nice throughout pregnancy.  conclusion?  boy.  accurate.

clumsiness - if you're more clumsy than normal, it's a boy; if nothing changes, it's a girl- i trip over my own feet at least twice a day, which is not normal.  conclusion?  boy.  accurate.

ring test - tie your ring to a string and hang it over your belly.  if it swings in a circle, it's a boy; if it swings back and forth, it's a girl - ours swung back and forth, then in a circle, then back and forth.  conclusion?  inconclusive.  fail.

so it looks like 4 of the 7 were accurate, 2 were straight-up wrong, and 1 was inconclusive.  most people say the way you're carrying is the biggest tell, but i have had friends who had girls who were all belly, and friends who had boys who gained all over.  so i never put much stock into it. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ben gibbard

last wednesday, matt and i went to see ben gibbard perform a solo show at the keswick theater, which is this awesome little theater that is about 5 miles from our house.  it seats about 1300 people and gets some pretty amazing acts.  we've seen some great shows that we would never have gotten to see otherwise, and in such a small venue it's impossible to have a bad seat.  we've seen bruce hornsby (twice, actually), five for fighting, a beatles tribute called the fab faux (really really great if you're into the beatles), dark star orchestra (twice), elvis impersonators....there have been tons more but i can't think of them off the top of my head.  but i love the venue, and the fact that it's so close is a major bonus.

anyway, a friend of mine from high school works in marketing there, so every now and then she'll get in touch with me about a show that hasn't even been announced yet so that i can keep my eyes open for the tickets.  she knows what a huge death cab for cutie fan i am, so when they booked ben gibbard, she emailed me right away.  she gave the password to the presale, but then offered to just get the tickets for me.  i initially said i'd get them through the presale, but i was so afraid they'd sell out that i went back and took her up on her offer.  she got us tickets in the 2nd row.  awesome.  i've been looking forward to it for months, and the day finally came wednesday night.

the opener for the show was this guy called advance base.  he was really weird.  i was not a fan.  his music kind of almost put me to sleep.  he played for about 40 minutes, then they cleared the stage and set up for ben.  ben came out dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt.  he looks older than i thought.  but his voice....gah, his voice.  i could listen to him for days on end and never get sick of it.  he sang a great mix of stuff.  he's doing this small tour (we are one of i think 7 or 8 venues that he's playing) to promote his new solo album, but he also played some postal service stuff and some death cab for cutie stuff, including some old deep cuts that i'd almost forgotten about.  we were no more than 5 feet from the stage and it was amazing.



here are a few videos i took.  the first is of "title and registration."

and the second is of "cath," which is one of my all-time favorite songs.

my friend not only hooked us up with these fantastic seats, but she also got us a limited edition tour poster.  we're framing it and it's going up in the nursery.  you'll see that once we finally finish the nursery and i put those pictures up.  i dropped off a thank you note with a starbucks gift card for her the next day.

all in all, it was a fantastic show.  i am so so so glad that he chose our little keswick theater for one of his tour dates, and even more thrilled that my friend was so sweet to hook us up.  this show will definitely rank among my top 5 shows ever!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

31 weeks

baby is the size of: baby center says 4 navel oranges, which is the weirdest comparison yet, i think.  so i'm going with the bump's fruit of pineapple.
how far along are you: 31 weeks, 3 days
due date/days left: jan 10/60 days
sleep: pretty awful.  by about 4 or 5am, my i can no longer find a comfortable position for my hips.  i am also getting up at least once to pee, at which point i also find i need to take tums, chug 1/2 glass of water, and take off my pants because i'm sweating through my shirt.  overshare?  sorry.   
best moment this week: my friend's wedding.  i saw so many people i haven't seen in ages.  and everyone kept telling me how beautiful i look, which sounds really conceited, but it was really wonderful, considering my coworkers just like to tell me how huge i am (one in particular has taken to calling me "big mama," which makes me want to smack the shit out of her). 
what are you looking forward to: having a weekend off.  we have some things to do around the house, but for the most part we will be laying low. 
what do you miss:  sleep. 
symptoms: big belly.  definitely feeling some braxton hicks.  my hands and feet are swelling a bit.  and i definitely am experiencing pregnancy congestion, which is fun. my back, hips, and now my knees hurt pretty much round-the-clock.  i'm going to talk to my ob on tuesday about seeing a prenatal chiropractor.
weight gain: about 23 pounds.  
movement:  baby boy is really grooving in there.  the other night we were watching tv and he was moving like crazy.  i sat there, with my hand on my bare belly, feeling him dance around, and just cried.  it was so incredible, it just overwhelmed me.  matt has gotten to feel him really moving around a lot, too.  he says it's weird.  and it is. but it's awesome.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: shockingly, still in!
rings: on, but i find myself removing them pretty frequently. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 more years!

i was so thrilled when, during my nightly 3am pee break, i checked the news to find that president obama had won the election and therefore matt and i do not need to pick up and move out of the country!  as exciting and exotic as relocating to europe sounds, i feel like that could be very difficult at 31 weeks pregnant! 

congratulations to president and first lady obama!  and well done to my fellow americans in maine, maryland, washington, and minnesota who stood up for marriage equality! 

to top off this great morning, tonight matt and i are going to see ben gibbard live at the keswick theater.  i could not possibly be more excited for this concert.  i'm only hoping i'll be awake enough to stay for the whole thing!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

why i'm voting for barack obama

- because i believe in choice.  i believe that a woman should have the right to decide what happens to her body.  i believe that it is no man's business what i do with my reproductive organs.  mitt romney has clearly stated, over and over again, that he will overturn roe v wade.  he will also take away access to birth control for thousands of women.

- because i believe in our right to vote.  republicans are trying to take away people's rights to vote by using bogus claims of voter fraud to insist on voter ids.  voter ids that many poor, ill, and/or elderly people simply cannot obtain.  

- because i believe in supporting the poor and the disenfranchised. 

- because i believe it should be a right to have access to healthcare, not a privilege.  in nearly every other industrialized nation in the world, citizens have free or low-cost access to healthcare, no matter how much money they have or don't have.  mitt romney will repeal the affordable care act (which is nearly identical to his own healthcare plan that he started in massachusettes) on his first day in office.  millions will lose health insurance coverage.  millions more will be unable to get coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  this is unacceptable.

- because i support planned parenthood.  i support a woman's right to be able to go to a clinic and receive free or low-cost preventative care for their specific, delicate needs.  men do not understand this.  mitt romney does not understand this.  mitt romney will de-fund planned parenthood.

- because i support big bird.  and cookie monster, oscar the grouch, and all the other wonderful sesame street characters.  mitt romney will cut funding to pbs.  i grew up on pbs.  i want the same for my children.

- because i believe our veterans deserve healthcare, and (perhaps more importantly) mental health services. 

- because i believe no one should have to live in fear just because of who they love.  president obama signed the matthew shepherd and james byrd, jr hate crimes prevention act, which makes it a crime to commit a violent act against a person who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

- because i believe in stem cell research. 

- because i think that states are simply incapable of handling large-scale natural disasters on their own.  mitt romney believes that fema should be disolved and that states should be left to clean up their own messes.  i can tell you, after seeing first-hand the destruction and disruption caused by hurricane sandy, new york and new jersey just cannot handle that.

- because i support the dream act.  what would this country be today if our ancestors hadn't come here by boat?  surely not all of them did it "legally."  mitt romney would overturn the dream act.

- because it's 2012, not 1952.

- because i believe i should make as much as my male counterparts.  president obama's first piece of legislation was the lily ledbetter fair pay act.  mitt romney and paul ryan voted against it.

- because i believe people should have the right to love - and marry - whomever they want.  i support marriage equality for my lgbt friends.  mitt romney believes that marriage is between a man and a woman.  end of story.

- because i believe that people shouldn't have to hide who they are.  president obama repealed don't ask, don't tell, allowing thousands of lgbt military members to come out and no longer be afraid of being discharged from service - a service they chose to join.

- because i am the 47%.  mitt romney says i'm lazy.  mitt romney doesn't give a shit about me - it's not his job to.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 weeks

baby is the size of: a head of cabbage
how far along are you: 30 weeks, 3 days
due date/days left: jan 10/68 days
sleep: sleep has been awful this week.  we lost power monday night with the storm, and as of right now (thursday morning) it has not been restored.  i slept terribly on sunday due to anxiety, and then monday night once we lost power, i barely slept at all.  tuesday night and last night we slept on our pullout in the family room so that we could be near the wood-burning stove and have some warmth, but pullouts are - as i'm sure you all know - not very comfortable period, let alone for a 7+ month pregnant lady!  today my hips are killing me - i am waddling, and it's not from the pregnancy!  needless to say, i am exhausted. 
best moment this week: at my 30-week appointment, we found out that i am still measuring right on track, so i'm not have a monstrous baby like some of my coworkers want to believe.  we also found out that baby boy is head down.  hopefully he stays that way!
what are you looking forward to: one of my dear friends from high school is getting married on saturday, and i'm so excited to go to the wedding and catch up with people i haven't seen in far too long!
what do you miss:  sleep.  and electricity (not that that has anything to do with the baby)
symptoms: big belly.  definitely feeling some braxton hicks.  my hands and feet are swelling a bit.
weight gain: about 20 pounds, give or take.  
movement:  he's a mover and a shaker.  as much as it hurts sometimes, i love feeling him move around.  it is the most amazing feeling.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: still in!
rings: on, but i find myself removing them pretty frequently.