Monday, January 23, 2012

and it begins...

some of you may remember me from emma to emmi, the blog in which i chronicled the process of planning our wedding, getting married (best. day. ever.), going on our honeymoon, and then life-after-wedding.  briefly.  i gave up that blog after a while because i felt like i was putting too much pressure on myself to be a "good blogger."  to have lots of followers and come up with funny, creative, interesting posts.  it became more about trying to gain readers (at which i failed) than it did about just being me.

but i've decided it's time to try again.  and this time, i'll be chronicaling our adventures in starting our family.  i'm hoping that it will be part planning, part decorating, part discussing my thoughts about getting/being pregnant and about raising our yet-to-be-conceived child.  part excitement, part neuroses, part anxiety, part fear, part happiness.  all the emotions and hormones and thoughts that are part of going from just the two of us to a little family of three.

i can't make any promises.  i don't know what this will turn out to be.  i'm not going to focus solely on baby stuff; i do have a life outside of baby-making.  but my hope is that one day i'll be able to come back to this, show it to our future child, and say "this is what was happening when we were getting ready to bring you into our world."  and hopefully he/she won't be totally freaked out by it.

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