Wednesday, February 6, 2013

first milestone

we had our first social smile today!  daxon has been "smiling" since birth - usually when he's waking up, farting, or pooping.  but this morning, i was talking to him and he flashed me a big old smile.  there was no fart, and his diaper was freshly changed.  he smiled because he wanted to.  i'm sure of it.  and, oh, it melted my heart.

*this isn't a picture of the social smile, but one of his waking up smiles.  i was doing a diy photoshoot one day, and happened to snap this at just the right moment.  loooooovvve.


Maria said...

he is BEAUTIFUL!! this is such a happy, wonderful photo. <3
what a great moment you captured!

Jessica said...

Baby smiles can melt!!