Tuesday, February 12, 2013

funny parenting moments

daxon was in a mood tonight.  after sleeping most of the day, he was incredibly fussy all evening.  he's often fussy in the evening, but this was extreme.  we also thought he felt kind of warm.  i took his temperature with the forehead scanner, and it was fine - 98.2.  but when i took him upstairs to put him down to bed, he was just not himself.  and he still felt warm.  plus it was really hot in his room.  so i changed him out of his sleeper and put him in a short-sleeved onesie, knowing i'd be swaddling him soon.  i attempted to nurse him, and he wasn't having it.  he screamed his head off, thrashed, and pulled away from me.  again, not himself.  so i decided to take his temperature with the rectal thermometer.  first time ever.  yikes.  so i opened the package and read the directions.  I knew you had to use a lubricant, but the directions specifically said not a petroleum-based lubricant.  all I had in the nursery was vaseline, which is petroleum-based.  uhhhh....

fast forward to me digging the box of lube that my step-sister had gotten me as a gag gift for my bridal shower 3 years ago out of my bedside table.  the as yet unopened box of lube.

until tonight.  daxon just got his temperature taken (99.0) with a rectal thermometer lubricated with durex black cherry flavored lube.  real classy, mom.

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Maria said...

You are awesome and make me laugh. LOL! Love your honesty! I hope Daxon feels better! And I hope you're doing well! Xoxo