Friday, March 8, 2013


have you ever watched inside the actor's studio?  it's on bravo.  it's a show where celebrities come to the actor's studio in new york to do an interview with host james lipton in front of a roomful of acting students.  i love it because they discuss their full body of work and the backgrounds of the characters, their own experience with getting into acting...and usually they're pretty laid-back and seem more "real" than in other interviews.  james lipton is a genial host, and the students always have a chance to ask their own questions at the end.  it seems like a great learning experience for them. 

lipton asks each one of his guests a series of 10 questions.  he came up with them after seeing french talk show host bernard pivot ask questions of his guests based on a questionnaire once completed by the french writer marcel proust.  proust's questionnaire is significantly longer and more detailed, so lipton obviously had to scale it back.

since i'm home on maternity leave, i've had a chance to catch quite a few episodes of inside the actor's studio and have been thinking about what my answers would be if i were ever on the show (ha!).

what is your favorite word?  heart.  it carries so much meaning and can be used in so many ways.  i love that it has become a verb (or do i heart it?).  it is a heavy word with a great deal of feeling in it.

what is your least favorite word?  retard/retarded.  i find it physically repulsive.

what turns you on?  laughter.

what turns you off?  intolerance.

what sound or noise do you love?  i love when i pick daxon up as he's waking up and he burrows into my neck and sighs.  he's not a big belly-to-belly snuggler, so i eat that up when i can.  the little contented sigh he gives almost drops me to my knees.

what sound or noise do you hate?  people using hateful words, like retard or gay (derogatorily, obviously).  i have a physical reaction to cruelty.

what is your favorite curse word?  fuck.

what profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  chef.

what profession would you not like to do?
  surgeon.  there is way too much pressure.

if heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?  ya done good.

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Jessica said...

I love this!! And I agree, surgeon? NO THANKS!!