Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2 months

wow...2 whole months.  matt and i were talking about it sunday night.  it feels like daxon has been with us for much longer than 2 months.  I am now having a hard time remembering what our life was like before him, and who i was before i was his mother.  it feels like this is who I was supposed to be - not just a mother but daxon's mother.  he is the child i was always meant to have.  things happened in my life to ensure that he would be a part of it.  by being his mother, i am fulfilling a destiny.
it's been a really cool month, watching him grow and develop.  this month he really started responding to us and communicating with us.  as we all get to know each other better, it's fun to see his little personality come through.

he is still sleeping fantastically at night.  we hit a bit of a regression at 8 weeks, but even then he was still sleeping through the night, per the experts (5 solid hours is considered sleeping through the night).  he typically goes down around 9-9:30 and sleeps till about 5.  the past 2 nights he's slept till 6:30!  during the 8-week wonder week (the 2nd leap), he was back to waking up around 3:30, and getting him to bed was a nearly 2-hour process.  but it only lasted a few days, so i really can't complain.

from baby connect - this shows his longest sleep duration for each day.  you can clearly see when he was in the wonder week, and when he started coming out of it.  awesome!
napping, on the other hand, doesn't go so well.  i am having a hard time getting him to nap anywhere other than on me.  if I transfer him to the crib, he will wake up within minutes.  he will fall asleep in the car, but the car had to remain in motion - if we stop for too long, he's awake...and none to pleased to be in his car seat.  he really is not a fan of that thing.  i continue to try to get him to nap in the crib because he needs to be able to do that for daycare - the workers are probably not going to hold him for his naps!

he continues to be a champion eater.  in fact, i may go as far as calling him a marathon eater.  his nursing sessions often last upwards of 40 minutes, which is way too long, if you ask me.  he also takes a bottle every evening from matt, and so far has shown no signs of nipple confusion - he switches back and forth seamlessly.  we use tommee tippee bottles, which i had chosen because i thought they resembled a boob and would lessen the likelihood fir confusion.  clearly, i am a genius (ha ha ha).  other than him being a lazy eater, i have no complaints in the eating area.

this has been the biggest stressor for us, obviously.  in my initial post about reflux,I said that we were starting him on zantac, and that we were aghast going to try to switch bottles.  I'm not sure if it was one of those things or a combination of the two, but he definitely seems better.  he is less fussy in the evenings after his bottle, which is awesome.  matt actually gets to play with him, rather than just desperately try to comfort him.  i look forward to speaking with the pediatrician today to see what her thoughts are.  he hates the zantac, and i can understand why - it tastes like rumpleminz (my best friend would love it).  he makes the worst face in the world when i give it to him.  

fun stuff
he is responding to us so much, now.  he thinks mommy is the biggest goofball on the planet (probably true). every morning when he wakes up for the day, i put the raffi station on pandora on my phone and we sing and dance and play along with the music.  he smiles his big adorable toothless gummy smile, and i ham it up even more because there is nothing i love more than making him smile.
he will follow us with his eyes.  when daddy gets home and says hi as he walks in the room, he will turn his head to see where the noise came from.  on his 2-month birthday, he suddenly noticed his hands.  he's been chewing on them for a few weeks, but on sunday he suddenly seemed to realize that he has some control over them!  he and daddy like to work out together.  matt lays him on his back on his lap (with his head on the arm of the couch) and does sit ups (pulling him up by his arms - great for head/neck strength), lat pull-downs (matt holds his hand and pulls against daxon pulling back), and shoulder presses (daxon punches matt's hand, and matt pushes back against it).  it's pretty funny to watch, and seems ridiculous, but daxon seems to love it, so - hey - whatever works!

padfoot is pretty funny!


Anonymous said...

He is adorable! I love that photo of him with the huge smile. Too cute. And that hair---AWESOME! :)

Maria said...

happy two months! i loved all the photos - especially the one with padfoot! :) the video is so sweet. i'm so glad to hear he's doing well, sleeping well and eating well! you look great!