Thursday, May 9, 2013

news notes

man, it's been about a hundred bazillion years since i've done a news notes, hasn't it?  well, i'm going to try to resume them.  i always liked collecting weird, random, fascinating stories from around the interwebs, sharing them with you, and telling you what to think about them. ya go.  the first news notes of 2013.  i can't promise they'll be weekly, but they'll be here.

the wake n'bacon - seriously?  poor michael scott.  if only he'd known about this, he could have avoided that whole, awkward, foot-wrapped-in-bubble-wrap debacle.  poor michael scott.


have american parents got it all backwards? - in a word?  yes.

the man behind abercrombie and fitch - ugh, doucebaggery at it's finest.  everything i am thinking could not possibly top jen's reaction, so i'll just let you read (and love) her thoughts on it.

'girl's gone wild's' joe francis convicted of assault - i mean, this was almost a guarantee.  the man has clearly never had any respect for women.

big 10 announces football division alignments and move to new 9-game conference schedules - well, this is well-balanced *rolls eyes*  the east division of the big 10 will dominate every year.  the big 10 championship game will basically be nebraska vs whoever plays better out of michigan, ohio state, michigan state, or penn state.  ridiculous.  also, why is it still called the big 10?

so god made a mother - spoiler alert: you'll need tissues!

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