Friday, May 31, 2013

4-month appointment

we had daxon's 4-month appointment on tuesday evening.  he's a big boy, growing like a weed!

weight - 14lb, 10oz
height - 24.5"
head circ - 16.5"
he had 5 vaccines again - 1 oral and 4 shots.  he handled it like a champ!  he barely cried and then was fine all night.  he felt a little warm before bed, so we gave him some tylenol and he was fine.

we got the green light to start solids from 5-6 months.  i am anxious to start, and he is definitely interested in food, but i think we will wait until 6 months.  we will also start with fruit and veggie purees rather than rice cereal, and i actually may wait to start any grains until closer to 12 months to help his gut develop the right enzymes to break down grains.  i am really interested in baby-led weaning, but i think with him being at daycare, that will be difficult.  so we may do a sort of modified blw and puree combination type of thing.

by his weight, his zantac dose should be increased.  he's currently getting 1.25mL 3x a day.  he's doing ok on that dose for now, so we decided to keep him there and see how he does.  the ped said that most parents see that the reflux gets much better around this age, and many wean the medication themselves.  hopefully, we'll be able to add ourselves to that group!

and since i just took this this morning and i think it's adorable, here's a funny picture of dax in his bebepod with a little bit of bedhead and my favorite toy (from my own childhood) stuck on his foot. 

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