Wednesday, January 16, 2013

40 weeks

due date: jan 10
how many weeks down/days left/days of work left: 40 weeks/0 days/done
baby is the size of: a small pumpkin
sleep: sleep is elusive.  i wake up several times per night, either to pee or to just roll over or just because i'm uncomfortable.
best moment this week: last day of work!
what are you looking forward to: meeting our little boy!  definitely happening this week (see below)
what do you miss: sleep. pain-free movement.
symptoms: pain in my pelvis (baby's dropping).  painful and swollen hands.  big old belly. 
weight gain: 33 pounds.
movement: he's still moving, but not as much. 
gender: baby boy!
belly button: it sticks out a little bit, but i definitely wouldn't call it a "popped" belly button.
rings: all off.

we had an appointment on tuesday night with the ob.  still only 1cm dilated, which i've been now since 36 weeks, and about 50% effaced.  my practice does not let you go more than a week late, so we talked about induction.  if baby doesn't come on his own before then, we'll be induced on thursday morning.  we'll go into the hospital wednesday night for cytotec, which is a cervical ripening agent.  the goal there is to help my cervix dilate and shorten, and then help to kickstart labor without having to actually induce with pitocin. 

still really hoping to avoid having to do any kind of medical induction, but i feel better with starting with cytotec than going straight to pitocin.  in the meantime, i'm trying all kinds of diy-induction techniques.  now that i am officially out on maternity leave, i'm taking walks (thank you, weirdly warm january weather).  bouncing on my birthing ball.  eating pineapple and dates and spicy foods.  picked up some raspberry leaf tea.   and then there's the old stand-by - sex.  sex has been terribly uncomfortable for me for most of this pregnancy, but i may just suck it up and give it a shot.  dr. tara also reminded me about castor oil, but....that's a last resort, i think.  it just sounds too risky to me!


Arden said...

Congratulations! I don't want to be nosy, so feel free to ignore this comment completely, but may I suggest you do a bit of research into Cytotec before you consent to it? It's a scary drug and I just want every mother to be informed about it.

I would recommend prostaglandins instead, as a cervical ripening agent.

I hope you have a wonderful delivery!

Arden said...

Or rather, I recommend using Cervadil instead. Sorry, it's early. :)

Jessica said...

Good luck this week mama, that baby will be here so soon! I was overdue 3 days and it's TORTURE!

I know you've heard it all before but we had sex on Saturday and Sunday morning, my water broke. It's worth a try! (Don't use a condom either if for some reason you would... TMI, but seriously lol)

And lots and lots of walking! Or running! :D

Maria said...

Ahh, happy 40 weeks! Beautiful photo!! I will be thinking about you this week and hoping baby boy decides to come (maybe he is/has) :) lots of luck and much love! Xoxox