Sunday, January 13, 2013

a tip

when you're past your due date and feeling like you might lose your mind, go.get.a pedicure.  i just got back from one and after spending the past 3 days in a terrible head space, i feel like a new person.  i sat down, read a magazine, turned on the massage chair, and just shut down.  for a full hour i didn't think once about the fact that this baby is obviously going to be as stubborn as his mama, or the fact that i am so uncomfortable i want to cry every time i move.

seriously.  if you heed no other advice i've given you, heed this.  a pedicure will change your life at 40+ weeks.

1 comment:

Maria said...

So glad you treated yourself. Sounds wonderful!! I have not had a pedicure this whole pregnancy bc I'm a weirdo and (used to be) a bit scared it would put me into labor. Come full-term, I am getting one, dammit! :)