Monday, April 1, 2013

easter fun

we headed back to hershey this weekend for easter with our families.  this time, we stayed at aunt callie and uncle anthony's.  they just moved back to hershey from baltimore, and they have a lot of room in their new house.  matt and i were in a bedroom with our own bathroom, and daxon got to sleep in their nursery one night, then the "bonus" room the next night, cuz anthony's cousin came to stay, too. 

we got home friday night and went out to dinner with my dad to celebrate all of our birthdays (matt and anthony's are in february, callie and mine are in march, and my dad's is in april).  we went to the warwick tavern in hummelstown.  it's an old favorite of ours.  after dinner, we all went back to callie and anthony's and had ice cream sundaes!  yummm...

on saturday, matt, daxon, and i went to meet my mom and jeff and my step-brother's family at the country club for the easter egg hunt.  i popped daxon in my sister-in-law's baby bjorn (she was giving it to callie, so i had her bring it for me to use and then i gave it to callie).  daxon's cousins, aiden and brody, participated in the egg hunt.  poor little brody didn't get any eggs, but aiden cleaned up, and then was a nice big brother and gave a few to brody.  i didn't take any pictures, unfortunately, but i wish i would have tried to get a stealth picture of the two little twin boys whose parents painted football paint under their eyes.  seriously?!  it's an easter egg hunt, not a competitive sport! 

from there, the 3 of us headed over to matt's parents.  they had a full house, with matt's brother mike, his girlfriend jody, and his 2 kids (avery, 12, and gabe, 10), matt's other brother dan, his aunt barb and uncle jack, and his cousin bobby and wife brandi and their 2 kids (addison, 1, and jack, 3).  we had dinner and then went for a short walk.  daxon got passed around quite a bit, but handled it pretty well until the end of the night when he hit his wall - i think he was tired and overstimulated. 

sunday morning, daxon was an enormous fuss-pot.  he was wailing all morning long.  i thought something was wrong, or that he was sick, but his temperature was fine.  i think he was just feeling overwhelmed still from the night before.  poor little guy.  we went to church and he did great - he got kind of fussy at one point, but he was just hungry, so i gave him a bottle and he was fine.  my friend's mom was assisting with communion, so when we went up, she got a good look at daxon, then quickly sent us on our way because she was starting to cry!  so sweet.

after church, we went back to callie and anthony's for a little before heading back to the country club for easter brunch with all of my siblings.  we were missing my step-sister heather and my niece sidnae, but all in all, there were 17 of us - 10 adults and 7 kids.  we easily had the biggest table in the place! 

daxon slept through most of brunch, much to the dismay of his aunties.  they got a little bit of time with him, though, and his cousins were excited to play with the baby!  we hit the road around 4:30, and we got home to a nice big package on our doorstep....

our cloth diapers are here!  i cannot wait to put these on daxon's cute little bum.  i am in the process of pre-washing them right now (you have to wash them 3-5 times before you can use them).  we will probably wait to start using them until this weekend, so that we can get used to it before sending him off to daycare with them. 

speaking of...i go back to work on wednesday.  i have been doing great with it up until yesterday.  and then i cried about it 3 separate times on the drive home.  ugh.  wednesday is going to be a rough one.  i will totally be that girl sitting on the train in tears.  booo....

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Maria said...

Happy belated Easter! Daxon is adorable in his super cute Easter outfit!
You look great!!