Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 months

our baby boy turned 3 months last week (oops i'm a little late)!  i feel like my past month updates have been a little scattered so i'm going to use a little bit of a prompting thingie (very technical term, you know) to help me organize my thoughts.

nicknames: dax, d, bubbers, and munchkin.  i also was calling him pasta fadrool one night because matt was talking about making pasta fagiole, and daxon was drooling like a maniac (like he likes to do), and mommy's a huge dork.

likes: dancing and singing with mommy, drooling, working out with daddy, practicing grabbing at things, laughing at his goober parents, bounding on the yoga ball, and baths (finally, yay!)

dislikes: the nosefrida, taking zantac, my car seat, being hungry, and tummy time.

milestones: the social smiles are coming a mile a minute, mostly because mommy and daddy are probably two of the biggest weirdos on the planet and will do anything they can think of to make him smile.  he also started grabbing things, just within the past 2 weeks, i'd say.  he loves the o'ball, especially.  daycare tells us he's starting to lift his head more during tummy time.  i know they work on it with him a lot at daycare, so i tend to not do it in the evenings (it makes him so cranky!), so i look forward to seeing how he does this weekend.

clothing size: officially out of the 0-3 month stuff.  most 3-month stuff fits well, though some of it is a little snug due to the extra bulk of the cloth diapers.  3-6 month stuff is a little big.

sleep: still sleeping like a champ.  he typically sleeps from about 8:30-6.  most mornings i have to wake him up at 6.  he goes down easily after falling asleep nursing.  part of me worries about nursing him to sleep, but then he also will go down if matt gives him a bottle.  eventually we will probably try to start putting him down without having him fall asleep eating, but for now it works, and i think that is part of why he's sleeping through the night - he goes to bed with a really full tummy!  daycare reports his naps to us, and they are still kind of sporadic.  sometimes he naps mutliple times in the mornings, then is awake all afternoon. sometimes he doesn't sleep at all in the morning then takes a 2-hour nap in the afternoon.  

now that i've been back to work for 2 weeks, we have a pretty good schedule figured out.  i get up at 5am (ok, my alarm is set for 5:07, but i snooze once and then actually get up at 5:17).  i shower, do my makeup, and dry and straighten my hair.  this usually takes me about 45 minutes.  when i finish that, i go wake up daxon.  i wake him up, change his diaper, and get him dressed for the day.  then i feed him for about 20 minutes (that's usually all he'll eat).  once he's done eating, i either put him back in his crib if he's fallen back asleep (which has only happened 2x in 2 weeks) or i bring him up to our bedroom with me.  i pump off the other side while talking to him, then matt takes him downstairs while i finish getting ready.  the one morning that i tried to let him sleep in a little and nursed him after i got dressed, he had a massive spit-up and i ended up having to change.  so now i nurse him before i get dressed!  i am out the door by 7:20 to catch my 7:28 train, and matt drops him off at daycare around 7:45.  i catch the 5:07 train home and pick him up around 5:45.  we get home and i nurse him, then hand him over to matt while i cook dinner.  daxon plays on his playmat while we eat (unless he's being fussy, then we eat in shifts so one of us can be holding/entertaining him), then matt takes him up for a bath while i get his bags and bottles ready for the next day.  after his bath, i take over the bedtime routine, and we are back to our normal thing: lotion massage, singing "lullaby," and nursing to sleep. 

we started cloth diapering 2 weeks ago (the saturday after my first day back to work).  so far, we love it.  no blowouts, and only a couple pee leaks (i think because the diaper wasn't put on correctly).  he stays comfortable enough that it's not waking him at night, so i don't feel like we need to add any inserts or use disposables at night (yet).  it probably is only about 1 extra load of laundry a week.  his bum hasn't had any issues (we never had a full diaper rash in the 'sposies, but his bum occasionally looked irritated - i would start generously applying diaper rash cream as soon as i noticed it to catch it before it got worse).  and they are so stinkin cute.  i'll do a more detailed post on it in the future.

the zantac seems to be helping his reflux issues.  eventually we'll have to increase the dose, but for now 1mg seems to be working just fine. 

i am pumping 4-5 times a day - first thing in the morning (i pump the side he doesn't nurse on), then 3 times at work (9:15, 12:15, and 3:15), then once right before bed (so that i don't wake up engorged).  my supply is great, and i usually am able to pump enough in one day to fill his bottles for daycare, plus have some extra to add to my frozen stash.  he gets 3 5oz bottles at daycare, though he doesn't always take the whole thing at each feeding.  they dump anything that's left, which freaked me out at first, but now that i know my supply can handle it, i'm not so upset about it.

he seems to be adjusting great to daycare.  he eats well while there.  and they are doing the cloth diapers with us, which i love.  we get reports at the end of every day, and they always say how smiley he is.  even though he is in the infant room,i think he's the only infant there, so he gets to hang out with the big kids a lot, and they seem to love him.  this might concern some parents, but i happen to think it's great - the more people he's around, the better his language development.  i'd be more worried about him sitting all isolated in the infant room with just him and the teacher!

and, of course, gratuitous pictures of the little stinker for you...

He is pretty much always this happy when he wakes up

plotting his next evil deed...puking all over mama!

helping mama put away the laundry


looking like such a little man in his striped polo

sunday morning storytime - our favorite book

lovin the wubbanub (aka, wubby)
and from our 3-month photo shoot, a few silly outtakes...

i am not impressed

c'mon, mom...seriously?!

my feet are far more interesting than this stupid photo shoot

can i please get back to wubby, now?

fine...then i'll just eat my hands


Jessica said...

They dump what he doesn't eat?!?! Not okay with me! Even if your supply is good enough... :/

Sara said...

he is ADORABLE!! I love that we're officially life twins :-) We have been doing cloth exclusively since Graham was 13 days old- love it! Hope to post about it soon... but I also have to post Graham's 4 month photos... this week maybe? *fingers crossed*

ps I always always have to get dressed after nursing in the morning. Like you, I think I did it reverse one day and quickly learned my lesson lol