Friday, April 26, 2013

i'm an auntie!

my sister had her baby!!!  she ended up having a scheduled c-section because at 38 weeks, that little sucker flipped and went breech! 

baby boy was born yesterday, 4/25 (my dad's birthday) at 12:10pm.  7lb even, 20".  pretty big for a week-early baby!  mama and baby are doing great, and hope to be home by sunday. 

pictures and name to follow if she lets me!  what i can tell you is that this little one is a FIFTH!  daddy's the 4th in a line of men with his name, and though they weren't sure they'd go that direction, they ultimately did!  his full name sounds very distinguished because of it.

matt, daxon, and i are headed to hershey tomorrow to meet the little guy.  i am so stinkin excited, i can hardly stand it!

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