Friday, June 7, 2013

news notes

when trends die - i am so over mustaches.  can we move on from them, please?

21 kids who sold out their parents - omg, this is hysterical.  i wonder what daxon is going to come up with some day?

to parents of small children - i found this the day after i had a particularly tough night with daxon.  i kind of want to print it out and keep copies of it all over my house.  it's absolute perfection.

ncaa bans hastags, social media urls on football fields - the ncaa proves once again that it sucks.

the courage of teachers - this is so true.  i mean, you look at these teachers from the schools in oklahoma.  and the teachers at sandy hook, or columbine, or....any other school.  they aren't paid to protect our children.  they are paid to teach them.  that is all.  and yet here they are, laying down their lives for children who aren't their own. 

mars, nestle, hershey accused of chocolate price-fixing conspiracy in canada - while this looks bad for hershey, i secretly hope that mars and nestle are both found guilty.  hershey's outright admission of guilt and cooperation in the investigation will look a lot better compared to 2 companies who lied about it!

brad pitt surprises local fans at world war z screening - son of a bitch.  this is 20 minutes from our house.  why wasn't i there????

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