Monday, June 24, 2013

in vino veritas

on saturday, my sister and anthony and quinn came for a visit.  it was quinn's first time traveling, and the little guy did pretty well!  saturday night after the kidlets were in bed, the 4 of us sat out back on the patio and had some drinks and talked about parenthood and all that comes with it.  we swapped delivery stories (my labor and subsequent vaginal delivery and callie's scheduled c-section, since quinn was breech).  and then the boys started talking about the first time they saw their sons.  and, you guys, it was the sweetest thing.  i'll keep their words to myself, because it was private emotional things that were said in the sanctity of our back porch, but i nearly cried listening to matt talk about those first few moments.  i could cry now just thinking about it. 

watching matt be a daddy - playing with daxon, trying to make him laugh, feeding him a bottle, giving him a bath - is my greatest joy in life.  on saturday night, when we were in bed, i told him as much.  i told him how much i love watching him be a daddy.  i told him how proud i am of him.  i told him how my heart swells at the way daxon looks at him.

we said things that night that we simply hadn't gotten around to saying to each other yet.

in vino veritas...

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