Monday, July 16, 2012

if you really knew me

If you really knew me:

*you'd know that i had a crush on matt in high school, and used to write notes to my friends, planning out my future with him

*you'd know that i did synchronized swimming for 8 years

*you'd know that my biggest fears are bats and ferris wheels

*you'd know that i used to eat pancake batter as a snack after school

*you'd know that moving to pittsburgh on my own was the scariest but most exhilarating thing i've ever done

*you'd know that i grew up being a michigan fan sort of because i have family there, but mostly because i hated penn state so much that i just wanted to cheer for a rival

*you'd know that my fan loyalty has shifted a bit from michigan to pitt, but i'll always love big blue

*you'd know that cats will always be kitties to me

*you'd know that i have always cried over stupid things, like commercials

*you'd know that my favorite vacation ever was australia, and i'd move there in a second if it wasn't 24+ hours from my family

*you'd know i backpacked europe, until i got robbed and lost my passport

*you'd know i've dyed my hair almost every color except blonde and black

*you'd know that i have a sick memory for pop culture nonsense

*you'd know that in high school, i worked at claire's and got to pierce ears.  yes, claire's trusted a 17-year-old with a piercing gun

*you'd know that the best job i ever had was in grad school at a traveling day camp with the jcc

*you' know that i once dated a boy who sent me a card after i broke up with him, which would have been creepy enough on it's own if he hadn't quoted hannibal lecter in it

*you'd know that i'm freaking out while awaiting the results of my toxoplasmosis blood work, even though i'm desperately trying to hold it together

*you'd know that jagermeister is my shot of choice

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Jessica said...

WHAT??!! Dude quoted Hannibal Lector?! FREAK.