Wednesday, July 25, 2012

toxoplasmosis update

well, after 2 1/2 agonizing weeks of waiting, multiple phone calls, and lots of stress and worry, i finally got the results from the second set of toxoplasmosis blood work that was sent out to the lab in palo alto. 

yup, that's a bfn.  big fat negative.  probably one of the few times in pregnancy a woman wants to see a negative sign.  i am so incredibly relieved.

i called the office again today and when i spoke to terri (the rn who helped me fill out all the paperwork), she said she was on the other line with the lab and she'd call me back as soon as she had some information for me.  10 minutes later, she called back to say the lab faxed the results over and everything is negative - everything is fine!  she said she had decided to call because it had never taken this long to get the results back from them, and every day the office staff were asking each other if they'd seen it yet.  so finally she called.  i guess everything at the lab was backed up from the holiday, so everything was taking a little longer.  but the end result is that everything is negative and baby ike is healthy! 

in doing my research, it looks like initial igm results can be positive, indicating an acute infection.  but further testing will show that it is actually antibodies from an infection in the distant past before gestation.  all along i held out hope that this was the case - i had newer antibodies from padfoot's recent infection. 

this is such an enormous relief for me, matt, and our families.  i know my parents, sister, and matt's parents were really worried.  it was so wonderful to be able to call everyone today and tell them that we're ok.  i cried when i got off the phone with the doctor, so happy to know that our baby is ok.  this has been stressing me out so much, and i'm convinced that that's why i got this stupid cold. 

thank you guys so much for your positive thoughts, prayers, and kind words.  it has meant so much to me.  

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Jessica said...

SOOOO glad for you!!!