Tuesday, July 3, 2012

nursery thoughts - design elements

there are some seriously smart nursery designs out there.  designs that maximize space and put things at an easy arm's reach away.  i never really thought about the fact that some things need to be easily accessible in baby's room - diapers, wipes, etc.  i tend to be a person who tries to put things away - i don't like a lot of unnecessary clutter.  but for babies, there are certain things that just need to be easily grabbable.

here are a few great ideas that make the space look nice but functional.  i really love the first one, with the metal basket over-head.

source: from blueprintpress via hellobee on pinterest

source: from ana-white via elisa on pinterest

source: from domesticadventure via hellobee on pinterest

i plan on our baby having lots of books on hand.  i have always been a big reader, and matt is just now getting into reading.  my mom tells me that as a child, i could sit in my room for hours "reading" along with my books-on-record (remember those?).  i hope that our baby will be the same way.  there is a plethora of great ideas out there for book storage!  i definitely want baby's books to be easily accessible and to have room to stand cover-out.  i think it makes them much more interesting to look at!

source: from wonderfuljoyahead via sarah on pinterest

source: from raisingolives on pinterest

source: from lollyjaneboutique via kathryn on pinterest

and, of course, you can't have a baby closet without some adorable baby clothes dividers!  i love how you can so easily customize them to fit whatever theme/color scheme you choose!

source: from poshlittle on pinterest

source: thestir on pinterest

source: from professorpoppins via shelley on pinterest

source: from amazon on pinterest

i can't wait to start putting together baby ike's nursery!  we're definitely planning to find out the gender, so we're waiting to do any major planning until we know that.  but with all the great resources out there, i'm hoping to put together something that will be fun and exciting!

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Jessica said...

These are all great ideas!!