Friday, July 20, 2012

when pregnancy hurts

i always expected that there would aspects of pregnancy that would be uncomfortable.  you get swollen and your belly gets heavy and - oh yeah - there's that whole shoving a baby out your hoo-ha thing. 

what i didn't expect?  round ligament pain.  holy shit, this hurts.  it feels kind of like i'm being stabbed in my belly.  or my abdomen is being torn open.  or my muscles are tearing.  or maybe all of them all at once.  it hurts just sitting still, but when i move?  yowsa!  i've seen stars a couple of times.

apparently this lasts off and on throughout the second trimester, but tends to be the worst around weeks 14-15 (this is when the hormone, relaxin, is at its peak). 

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Anonymous said...

My RLP didn't even start until about week 20 and I'm right there with you--it HURTS!