Saturday, August 4, 2012

17 weeks

baby is the size of: a turnip
how far along are you: 17 weeks 2 days
what's happening with baby: baby's umbilical cord is getting stronger and stronger to accommodate all the blood pumping through it.  baby can move all her joints.  her structure is changing from cartilage to bone, getting stronger every day!
due date: jan 10
maternity clothes: still able to pull off my regular pants with a belly band, but also wearing maternity pants.  for shirts, i have a few maternity tanks, but am still mostly sticking  with my pre-pregnancy flowy or empire-waisted shirts.  and dresses.  love the dresses.
sleep: i sleep through the night pretty well, but am waking up before my alarm because my back hurts.  i have a body pillow, but haven't quite figured out how to make it help my back. 
best moment this week: had another ultrasound on tuesday and baby is looking good!  measuring right on size for my due date.  also, matt got to hear the heartbeat.
what are you looking forward to: we scheduled our anatomy scan for 8/20!!
food cravings: right now, it's a baked potato with broccoli and cheese - haven't satisfied it yet
food/smell aversions: nothing.
what do you miss: nothing in particular this week.
symptoms: tailbone pain.  big belly.  boobs hurt.  a few moments of rlp.
gender: still leaning towards girl, but having more boy thoughts, too.  and matt had a dream that we had a boy last night
belly button: in.
wedding rings: on

i already feel so big - how am i possibly going to get any bigger?


Anonymous said...

Eek! You're getting a cute little baby bump! :) And yes--you're going to get a LOT bigger! I actually have 1 pair of maternity jeans that I think I'm going to grow out of in the next few weeks---never saw that coming! Last week I felt like I was STRETCHING from the inside and was going to burst, it was such an odd feeling.

Jessica said...

Oh the sore boobs. I don't miss that!