Friday, August 3, 2012

news notes

we are....broken - love this blogger's point of view on the penn state issues.

10 things most americans don't know about america - i guess i consider myself lucky that i knew much of this.  i have been really lucky to travel to several countries and have learned many of these lessons.  i find myself giving matt quite a bit of education about #6, as he feels that he much of the world is a "dump."

abington health, holy redeemer call off merger - i am delivering at abington, and thankful to know that they did not go through with this merger.  not only does holy redeemer not do abortions, but they also will not do tubal ligation.  thanks, but i like having the choice of what to do with my body.

5 reasons why the church failed yesterday - love love love the points in this article.  brilliant.

macon vintage styled photo shoot by paperlily photography - this is my dress!  like, my actual dress that walked down the aisle in my actual wedding!  i consigned it with my friend abriel, and when they consulted her for a dress for the photo shoot, she chose mine!  loooooove.

and finally...sheer brilliance by jimmy fallon and justin timberlake.

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