Tuesday, August 28, 2012

our pinterest nursery

ok, we finally settled on a "design" concept for the nursery!  we have to nail down our paint colors and bedding, but at least we have a general idea for furniture and stuff.  i have pinterest to thank for....pretty much of all it.  ha ha!

we still have to decide on a crib, but as of right now, we are leaning towards this one. 

source: from toysrus on pinterest
we decided to go with dark wood because we thought it would grow with the baby better.  we wanted a crib that is convertible, and this one will actually convert to a full-size bed!  so with a baby boy, we thought dark wood will last much longer than white.  we didn't want something too ornate, we wanted it to be easy to find (available in-store at babies-r-us), and we wanted it to be relatively inexpensive.  this one fits the bill.

we'll most likely just start with one dresser, the matching one from the set.  this will obviously double as our changing table, as well.

source: from toysrus on pinterest

i think we'll go with this glider (and matching ottoman).  we have an old rocker/recliner from matt's pop, but it's old and not terribly comfortable.  i also prefer the gentle gliding motion to the rocking motion.  plus, the rocker won't rock if the footrest is up.  this one gets great reviews and is among the least expensive we've seen. 

source: from toysrus on pinterest

for toy and book storage, and additional seating, we're going to get one or two bookshelves from ikea, lay them on their sides, and put pillows or a cushion on top.  i love this idea and can't wait to execute it in the nursery.  i think it's a great way to utilize limited space.

source: from kidsplayroom via carissa on pinterest

instead of a mobile over the crib, i completely love this look, and matt is, thankfully, totally on board.  it's a bunch of paper lanterns hung in a bunch from the ceiling.  i think it gives the baby such a great focal point, and it just looks really cool. 

source: from chiccheapnursery on pinterest

there are so many prints and posters that i'm interested in, so i think we're going to try to do a gallery wall over the dresser.

source: from younghouselove on pinterest

source: via brittney on pinterest

i'll wait till we finalize the gallery wall and have everything hung to show you my ideas.  there are so many prints, i don't know how i'll narrow it down!  one thing i know for sure i want to do is this:

source: from chiccheapnursery on pinterest

love at first sight.  truer words were never spoken.

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Anonymous said...

we have that crib/dresser combo in white! :))) and we LOVE IT. it's solid wood and really sturdy! we bought it at bru when they were having one of their sales and used 20% coupons! :) totally worth it! it took about 2-3 weeks to get in! super fast compared to other baby chains!