Friday, August 17, 2012

what a friday!

ok, hopefully i'm not jinxing myself by writing this at noon, but it has been a heck of a friday already!  here's what my day has looked like so far:

wake up at my normal time.  go downstairs to feed the cat.  usually after i feed her, we snuggle for a few minutes before i go upstairs to shower, do my makeup, and dry my hair.  this morning, padfoot was feeling particularly rambunctious and wanted no parts of our snuggle session.  fine.

i get out of the shower and start doing my makeup.  i hear padfoot outside the bathroom door crying, so i open the door.  she just stands there, crying.  she wants to go upstairs into the bedroom.  i tell her to hush, several times, and she doesn't.  i try to get her to come into the bathroom with me.  no interest.  so i close her into the guest room so she doesn't wake up matt.  when i finish drying my hair, i let her out and we go upstairs together to wake up matt.

matt and i get into a "discussion" about baby gear.  i get upset because i think he's mad.  then, i go to pet padfoot good-bye and she runs away.  i burst into tears.

i get to work.  i'm here not 5 minutes and a discharge i arranged yesterday is falling apart.  the wife is screaming at me.  for 30 minutes, i listen to her scream at me, scream at her insurance case manager on the phone, and curse us both out.  finally, she agrees to the discharge and she and the patient leave.  come to find out, the wife spit on my unit clerk.  you read that right - spit.  73 years old.

then, as i'm standing by the front desk talking to the unit clerk, i notice a sign on a patient's door.  it is a sign asking for donations to help her pay for her medications because her case manager (that would be me) told her she can't help her.  she has a big sign and an envelope.  it's outrageous.

then, i go through my emails and find out my boss is calling a mandatory meeting at 2pm.  meetings in the middle of the afternoon are always a pain in the ass.  meetings in the middle of the afternoon on a friday are a total fucking nightmare.  no one is really sure what this mandatory meeting is about, so we're all in a little bit of a panic.

so, you know, not a super-fantastic start to the day.

but then.  then, i get the email that changed my day.  honestly, pretty much anything could happen today and it would not dampen my mood.

matt and i live very close to this little theater called the keswick theater.  they have concerts there all the time and matt and i love to go because they get good acts, tickets are reasonable, and it's 5 miles from our house.  i have a friend from high school who is in marketing there.  she emailed me the other day to tell me that they would announcing a new show this week - ben gibbard (lead singer of death cab for cutie).  she said i could either order through the presale (she gave me the presale password) or she would just order them for us.  i asked her to go ahead because i was afraid i'd miss my chance if i tried to do it myself.  she just emailed me back today to tell me that we have 2 tickets for the show - 2nd row, right in the center.  i kid you not, i started screaming.  i am so.freakin.stoked.  i heart ben gibbard in a way that is probably unnatural.  death cab's music changed my life.

seriously, i'm on such a high right now, i feel like almost nothing could bring me down. 

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