Sunday, September 9, 2012

22 weeks

i wasn't feeling very photogenic last week, and was also feeling too lazy to do a 21-week update.  sue me.  still not feeling very photogenic, but matt insisted we not skip another week.  so here you go.

baby is the size of: a spaghetti squash
how far along are you: 22 weeks 3 days
what's happening with baby: baby's eyes, eyelids, and eyebrows are now more distinct.  he even has tooth buds forming under his gums!  his eyes have formed, but his irises still have no pigment.
due date: jan 10
maternity clothes: all maternity pants.  mostly maternity shirts.  and dresses.   
sleep: once i'm asleep, i sleep through the night.  but my back hurts on waking up.    
best moment this week:  finally started feeling movement!  a few times i even felt him from the outside, but so far matt hasn't felt him yet. 
what are you looking forward to: painting the nursery (started yesterday...debating a third coat on the orange accent wall).
food cravings: tuna?  i normally rarely eat tuna, but i've had it 3 times in the past 10 days.  i don't go out of my way to find it, but every time i'm looking at a menu or something, i gravitate to it. 
food/smell aversions: nothing.
what do you miss: being able to stand up without my tailbone yelling in pain. 
symptoms: tailbone pain.  big belly.  back pain.  and my feet and hands are definitely swollen by the end of the day.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: in.
rings: on.  definitely uncomfortable by the end of the day.  hopefully now that the weather should start cooling off, this won't be a problem anymore.

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Jessica said...

Aren't these pregnancy food cravings the weirdest?!