Friday, September 7, 2012

i'm having panic attacks

i am 22 weeks pregnant, and i realize that means we still have 18 weeks till d-day.  but the fall always seems to go by so quickly what-with football games, fall parties, and the holidays.  i always feel like it's labor day and then i blink and it's christmas eve.  with baby anticipation thrown in, i have a feeling things will really fly by!  our schedule is so jam-packed already, and it's only september 7th!  ready....?

september 8-9 - painting the nursery.  hoping to get it all done on saturday, then going to finish our registry on sunday.

september 15-16 - babyanniversimoon in nyc.  we're spending one night in new york city.  got a great deal on the intercontinental hotel on hotwire.  taking the megabus.  hoping to get tickets to see once at the tkts booth.  and finally taking matt to the museum of natural history.

september 22-23 - going to hershey to go to the farm aid concert with my mom, step-dad, sister, and brother-in-law.  so excited, but truthfully a little worried about getting a contact high from all the weed that will inevitably be being smoked around me.  i mean, dave matthews, willie nelson, neil young, john mellencamp.  stoner heaven.

september 29-30 - going back to hershey for nephew's birthday party

october 6-9 - trip to outer banks for my college roommate's wedding.  we're driving to delaware friday night to pick up/stay with one of my college roommates.  then on saturday the 4 of us (me, matt, denise, and karl) are driving down to avon, nc.  wedding is on sunday.  we'll spend monday hanging out, and then make the whole drive back on tuesday.

october 13-14 - FREE!

october 20-21 - matt will be in maryland for his friend's 40th birthday.  not sure what i'll do with my time.  maybe hang the paper lantern mobile?

october 27-28 - FREE!

november 3-4 - going to hershey for high school friend's wedding

november 10-11 - FREE!

november 17-18 - saturday is our all-day childbirth preparation class.  looks like sunday may be my baby shower.

november 24-25 - thanksgiving weekend.  saturday is my 15-year high school reunion.  whaaatttt?  and if my shower isn't on the 18th, it will be on the 25th.

december 1-2 - back to hershey for a party at my friend's house

december 8-9 - possibly hosting our families for christmas?

december 15-16 - i'm on-call for work.

december 22-23 - possibly hosting our families for christmas, if not done on the 8th?

december 29-30 - FREE!

after that, it's pretty much a waiting game.

so basically, between now and d-day, we have 4 free weekends.  4 weekends to get the nursery ready.  wash baby clothes.  wash cloth diapers.  wash all the linens for the crib and pack and play and all the fabrics on the various toys/rockers/swings.  sterilize all the bottles and breastpump supplies.

every time matt would try to make plans for something in the past couple of weeks, i would go into full panic mode.  like, sitting at my desk with tears streaming down my face.  i am freaking.out. that we won't get everything done.  matt keeps telling me we will, and deep down i know he's right.  and actually, seeing it all written out like that somehow makes me feel better.  like i have some order to my life.  or maybe it's the big capital letters yelling out "FREE!"  maybe that's all i need in my life - capital letters and exclamation points.  i should try that more often. 


Anonymous said...

you'll get there!!! HUGGS!!! And I'm so jealous of your fun trips coming up! :) Have a good wknd!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. We've been SWAMPED the last 10 weeks and are super busy until mid-October, only a few weeks before my due date.

Our nursery isn't even close to ready...we finally got the crib put together though, so we're making progress slowly.