Thursday, September 20, 2012

news notes

airlines 'playing chicken' with passengers, charging 'you-get-to-sit-with-your-kid' fee - this is so infuriating.  if i were those parents, i'd refuse to pay, then make a big scene at the airport.  i'm not one for making scenes, usually, but this is outrageous.  i'd be so pissed if they tried to split me from my child on a flight!

mitt romney, secretly taped, tells his truths at a fundraiser -  he may as well gift-wrap the presidency for obama.

at voter-id hearing, pa justices have tough questions and a surprise - to vote in this country is a right, not a privilege. it should not be only those who have access to the dmv to obtain this "voter id" who get to exercise their right, but all citizens. i guess "limited government" only means limited oversight of corporations and big business taxes, but total control over our rights to vote and our bodies.

board of pardons to hear case of philly prisoner sentenced to die oct. 3 - "we feel that waiting a few more months to make sure that we're doing it right, that we're doing it fairly, that it is worth doing, all of these things, is a reasonable approach to take." shouldn't the same care and caution be taken for the voter id law, before you strip ordinary citizens of their right to vote?

whooping cough vaccine vital for adults, too - this is why it's so important to get your children vaccinated.  i got the pertussis vaccine both when i started working at shriners and again when i started at my current job.  i told matt that he needs to go to his primary doctor soon and get all of his vaccines updated, including asking for the pertussis vaccine. 

pa natives will be able to get same-day voter id from penndot - well, i suppose it's a step in the right direction, but still not good enough.  it still requires people to figure out a way to get to penndot and then stand in line for what could be hours. 

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Anonymous said...

We went to NYC a few weeks ago and I came back earlier than my husband since he was there for a business trip. I specifically picked an aisle seat since I was 27 weeks pregnant and was up and down 100 times to use the bathroom. Well, there was a father with his 2 year old on the plane and NOBODY would switch them seats because the only seat left would be a middle seat. It took the flight attendants nearly 20 minutes to find someone who would switch seats so they could sit together--it was RIDICULOUS.