Monday, September 3, 2012

pregnancy progress - the first 20 weeks

i was looking back through all of my bump pictures the other day, and it is amazing to see how much i've grown.  and hysterical to look at pictures from when i thought i was "showing" and i so totally wasn't!  so i thought i'd put a little photo collage together! 

 first row: 6-8 weeks
second row: 9-11 weeks
third row: 12-14 weeks
fourth row: 15-17 weeks
fifth row: 18-20 weeks

i remember really thinking i was showing around 11 weeks.  looking at the pictures, i wasn't really showing much of anything till 14 weeks and then really became obviously pregnant and not one-too-many-beers chubby around 16 or 17 weeks.  i love having these as a memento, though, and have been putting them together in a pregnancy photobook for baby boy so he can follow our journey through this pregnancy.  i'm sure he won't care about it as much as i will, but that's ok. 

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Jessica said...

You really did pop around 11 weeks!! :D