Tuesday, November 6, 2012

why i'm voting for barack obama

- because i believe in choice.  i believe that a woman should have the right to decide what happens to her body.  i believe that it is no man's business what i do with my reproductive organs.  mitt romney has clearly stated, over and over again, that he will overturn roe v wade.  he will also take away access to birth control for thousands of women.

- because i believe in our right to vote.  republicans are trying to take away people's rights to vote by using bogus claims of voter fraud to insist on voter ids.  voter ids that many poor, ill, and/or elderly people simply cannot obtain.  

- because i believe in supporting the poor and the disenfranchised. 

- because i believe it should be a right to have access to healthcare, not a privilege.  in nearly every other industrialized nation in the world, citizens have free or low-cost access to healthcare, no matter how much money they have or don't have.  mitt romney will repeal the affordable care act (which is nearly identical to his own healthcare plan that he started in massachusettes) on his first day in office.  millions will lose health insurance coverage.  millions more will be unable to get coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  this is unacceptable.

- because i support planned parenthood.  i support a woman's right to be able to go to a clinic and receive free or low-cost preventative care for their specific, delicate needs.  men do not understand this.  mitt romney does not understand this.  mitt romney will de-fund planned parenthood.

- because i support big bird.  and cookie monster, oscar the grouch, and all the other wonderful sesame street characters.  mitt romney will cut funding to pbs.  i grew up on pbs.  i want the same for my children.

- because i believe our veterans deserve healthcare, and (perhaps more importantly) mental health services. 

- because i believe no one should have to live in fear just because of who they love.  president obama signed the matthew shepherd and james byrd, jr hate crimes prevention act, which makes it a crime to commit a violent act against a person who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

- because i believe in stem cell research. 

- because i think that states are simply incapable of handling large-scale natural disasters on their own.  mitt romney believes that fema should be disolved and that states should be left to clean up their own messes.  i can tell you, after seeing first-hand the destruction and disruption caused by hurricane sandy, new york and new jersey just cannot handle that.

- because i support the dream act.  what would this country be today if our ancestors hadn't come here by boat?  surely not all of them did it "legally."  mitt romney would overturn the dream act.

- because it's 2012, not 1952.

- because i believe i should make as much as my male counterparts.  president obama's first piece of legislation was the lily ledbetter fair pay act.  mitt romney and paul ryan voted against it.

- because i believe people should have the right to love - and marry - whomever they want.  i support marriage equality for my lgbt friends.  mitt romney believes that marriage is between a man and a woman.  end of story.

- because i believe that people shouldn't have to hide who they are.  president obama repealed don't ask, don't tell, allowing thousands of lgbt military members to come out and no longer be afraid of being discharged from service - a service they chose to join.

- because i am the 47%.  mitt romney says i'm lazy.  mitt romney doesn't give a shit about me - it's not his job to.


Anonymous said...

Amen to all of this!

I kind of went insane on my husband (he was the only one around!) this morning about how I don't want Mitt Romney telling my daughter what to do with her ladybits.

Amanda said...

Love this!!! We are expecting our first little girl in January and I want her to have all say when it comes to her lady business! I can't fathom mothers of little girls rallying for Mitt. It blows my mind!!!