Sunday, November 18, 2012

32 weeks

baby is the size of: a jicama!
how far along are you: 32 weeks, 3 days
due date/days left: jan 10/53 days
sleep:  still not great - up anytime between 3-5 to pee, chug water, eat tums, and take off my pants.    
best moment this week: the weekend.  we took it pretty easy.  it was nice, for a change 
what are you looking forward to: our childbirth class on saturday (technically yesterday) 
what do you miss:  sleep. 
symptoms: when people ask me how i'm feeling, my standard answer now is, "pregnant."  nobody wants to hear that my back and hips hurt constantly, that my knees hurt, that i feel like my stomach is going to split open, that i can't breathe, that i am gtting heartburn, and that i generally just feel huge and sluggish.  they don't care.  so i just say i feel pregnant.  cuz i do.
weight gain: about 23 pounds.  
movement:  he's gonna be a dancer, i'm sure of it.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: shockingly, still in!
rings: on, but i find myself removing them pretty frequently. 

on another note, in an email chain with my sister and mom, i thought it would have been cool if i'd cooked a meal each week using the fruit/veggie that is the size of the baby.  way too late this time around, but maybe with the next baby i'll do it.  i'll write a blog about it.  and then it'll get popular and someone can write a movie about me.  i wonder who would play me in a movie.....?

and just for fun, here's another picture.  padfoot wanted in on the action...


Maria said...

You look fabulous!! And Padfoot is so cute!! Love the idea of cooking with the fruit/vegetable that's the size of the baby each week! :) I laughed at the taking your pants off...I've been waking up so sweaty and uncomfortable some nights, I end up naked by morning. Lol.
Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I definitely told people that I felt "pregnant" for quite awhile for the same reasons you're doing it...

Now I just tell people I'm "done" :) I want this baby out!