Sunday, November 25, 2012

33 weeks

*we didn't get an actual bump photo this week, but we have lots of pictures from the baby shower, so i'll be sure to post those as soon as my mom emails them to me!*

*also, i wrote this thinking i'd schedule it to post on thursday.  i forgot.  so it's a few days late.* 

baby is the size of: a durian fruit (a what?!)
how far along are you: 33weeks
due date/days left: jan 10/49 days
sleep:  i had a few nights where i actually slept through the night.  but then i woke up at 3am tuesday and couldn't go back to sleep.      
best moment this week: our childbirth class.  initially, the videos made me want to keep this kid in me forever, but then the actual education made it seem a little less scary.   
what are you looking forward to: it's a big week!  thanksgiving on thursday, 15th class reunion on saturday, and my shower on sunday!  we're gonna see so many people, i cannot wait! 
what do you miss:  sleep. 
symptoms: i felt enormous this week.  i swear i could actually feel myself getting bigger at some points.  and my back and hips hurt constantly.  i have an appointment with a prenatal chiropractor on monday.  i hope it helps.  and swelling. 
weight gain: about 23 pounds.  
movement:  like crazy!
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: shockingly, still in!
rings: off.  )c:  when i wake up in the morning, my hands and feet are pretty puffy.  my feet go down eventually, but my hands stay at least a little puffy all day.  i am no longer comfortable with my rings on because i worry about being able to get them off.  a few times it was pretty difficult, and i'm just not willing to take the risk anymore.  one of my high school friends just reminded me that they had to cut her toe ring off when she went into labor with her daughter!

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Maria said...

Happy 33 and a half weeks! I was just talking to my husband about taking a class in a couple months - I'm sure there's so much to take in. Hope you're getting good sleep this week!