Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 weeks

baby is the size of: a head of cabbage
how far along are you: 30 weeks, 3 days
due date/days left: jan 10/68 days
sleep: sleep has been awful this week.  we lost power monday night with the storm, and as of right now (thursday morning) it has not been restored.  i slept terribly on sunday due to anxiety, and then monday night once we lost power, i barely slept at all.  tuesday night and last night we slept on our pullout in the family room so that we could be near the wood-burning stove and have some warmth, but pullouts are - as i'm sure you all know - not very comfortable period, let alone for a 7+ month pregnant lady!  today my hips are killing me - i am waddling, and it's not from the pregnancy!  needless to say, i am exhausted. 
best moment this week: at my 30-week appointment, we found out that i am still measuring right on track, so i'm not have a monstrous baby like some of my coworkers want to believe.  we also found out that baby boy is head down.  hopefully he stays that way!
what are you looking forward to: one of my dear friends from high school is getting married on saturday, and i'm so excited to go to the wedding and catch up with people i haven't seen in far too long!
what do you miss:  sleep.  and electricity (not that that has anything to do with the baby)
symptoms: big belly.  definitely feeling some braxton hicks.  my hands and feet are swelling a bit.
weight gain: about 20 pounds, give or take.  
movement:  he's a mover and a shaker.  as much as it hurts sometimes, i love feeling him move around.  it is the most amazing feeling.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: still in!
rings: on, but i find myself removing them pretty frequently. 


Jessica said...

You are looking gorgeous as usual!

momto8blog said...

you look just fabulous!! how exciting! and good luck!!!

Maria said...

Hi Erin! Found your blog through one of the hops. Congratulations on your look great and your bump is adorable!! I read through a lot of your posts - you had me laughing and smiling - I'm 20 wks pregnant and can relate to a lot of your words! I've had a few people tell me I look way more than x amount of weeks throughout my pregnancy bump (and boobs) have a mind of their own these days! :) looking forward to following your journey! Lots of luck! Oh, and I live in PA too!
Have a wonderful weekend.