Monday, October 29, 2012

29 weeks

we didn't actually take a picture this week.  too busy running around, getting ready for "frankenstorm."  to those of you in its path, i wish you the best of luck!  be safe!

baby is the size of: a butternut squash
how far along are you: 29 weeks, 2 days
what's happening with baby: muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is getting bigger to make room for his growing brain.  *i'm going to stop this question, because it's pretty much the same from here on out*
due date: jan 10
sleep: i'm finding that i'm really tired.  i either fall asleep on the train ride home or need a nap as soon as we get home.  i am often falling asleep on the couch before we go to bed.  i sleep for about 6 hours straight before i need to get up to pee, strip off my pants (because i'm sweating), and chug water.  i fall back asleep pretty easily.
best moment this week: my sister's great news is finally out of the bag - she's 12 weeks pregnant!!!  i am beyond excited that we are having babies 4 months apart!
what are you looking forward to: making some progress on the nursery - hanging the paper lanterns and some of the prints! 
what do you miss:  not being punched in the ribs.  sleeping through the night.  pain-free days.
symptoms: big belly.  pain - from under my right boob, around the side, and across my back.  and i'm definitely waddling every now and then.  my belly gets very heavy, especially towards the end of the day.  
movement:  he moves a lot!  i can now definitely feel him punching/standing on my bladder, which is weird.  the ob had me start kick counts this week.  i'm supposed to mark how long it takes me to get 10 movements.  i do if after dinner, and it usually takes less than a hour, and often less than 30 minutes.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: in, but not for long, i think.
rings: on, but i find myself removing them pretty frequently. 

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