Thursday, October 4, 2012

digital footprint

so i read this really interest blog post today from alphamom about the digital footprint you leave behind.  like, the long-term picture of yourself you are creating with your facebook status updates or your tweets.  i thought about that and decided to check out my facebook timeline to see if i could spot a trend.

here's what someone would learn about me from my facebook timline:

1. i support obama.  and women's rights.  and voter rights.  and it's pretty safe to say that i'm a liberal, especially when it comes to social issues.

2. i read a lot of news stories.

3. i like music. 

4. i am a proud pitt alumna.

5. i'm pregnant.

had i done this a year or so ago, when i was updating my status more frequently, the picture may be a little different.  but over the past several months, i have slowed down on the status updates.  i post a lot of news articles and stuff that i find interesting, but as of right now, i have not actually updated my status since monday.  so anyone forming an opinion of me based on my facebook timeline would pretty much be going off the articles i link to or recommend.  and i'm pretty much ok with that.  yes, i have some pretty strong political opinions.  but i have a right to those opinions, and - furthermore - i have a right to express them.  you have a right to disagree with them. 

over the years since i joined facebook (back in 2008) i have tried pretty hard to keep things fairly neutral.  i try to refrain from cursing (though one or two f-bombs have definitely been dropped).  i try to remain relatively upbeat, and if i am being negative i try to do it sarcastically or with a twist of humor.  yeah, there have been times when i ranted about my job, but usually in a general sense.  i have tried not to call out anyone in particular. 

looking at my digital footprint as it stands now, i am perfectly fine with the image it projects.  what about your digital footprint?  do you think it gives an accurate picture of who you are?

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