Wednesday, October 3, 2012

fashion and home

ok, 3rd day of the challenge and i've already missed one day.  oopsie! 

so here's day 2 - fashion.  this is kind of the style i've adopted for maternity, especially for work.  pants, maternity tank tops, and a long open-front cardigan.  i am comfortable in it and i feel like it flatters the bump.  i try to accessorize with a cute necklace when i can.  and a tired face.  ha ha.

and day 3 - home.  this was taken this summer after we our front porch and front steps redone.  our steps were initially made of slate and the patio was a concrete slab.  we hired a crew to come and tear them out and build paver steps and and a paver porch to match the wall we had installed last summer.  i love our house.  it's not exactly huge (about 1900 sq ft) but it's perfect for the 2 - almost 3 - of us.  we have worked really hard to make it our home, and i'm so proud of everything we've done.

i promise to try to be better, but we're going away this weekend, so there may be a multiple-photo post again.

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