Monday, October 1, 2012

october's 31-day photo challenge - self portrait

my sweet hellobee/bloggy friend mrs.jyw at convention bliss linked up with our wired lives' 2012 october photo challenge.  i'd always wanted to link up with one of these but never stumbled across one till, like, the 10th of the month and by that time it seemed stupid.  so here i am, on the first of october, linking up and starting fresh! 

October Photo Challenge 

today's theme is self-portrait.   i took this just now in my office.  i am tired.  i slept terribly on saturday, and then didn't go to bed when i should have last night to make up for it.  i accidentally turned off my alarm this morning instead of hitting snooze, so i woke up an hour late and had to take the later train in to work.  i am wearing my favorite necklace, which was a gift from my mom and step-dad from their trip to italy - it is  murano glass and it is so swirly and pretty.  i just noticed that i have my hand on my belly, which is kind of standard procedure for me these days.  i am so in love with feeling this little boy move around inside of me.  i place my hand on my belly subconsciously i think these days, just to feel him flutter around.

looking forward to seeing how creative i can get with this this month! 

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