Saturday, May 19, 2012

6 weeks

ok, so i decided it's time to start the weekly progress updates and belly pictures.  i'm going to do them on saturdays, which means i'll be whatever week and one day.  i'm only 6 weeks so i'm not supposed to be showing yet, but i've been insanely bloated since pretty much the day we got the positive test, so i look like i've got a bit of a belly.  ew.

baby is the size of: a lentil (marcel the shell with shoes could wear it as a hat)
how far along are you: 6 weeks 1 day
what's happening with baby: baby's ears, nose and mouth are beginning to take shape.  baby's heart is beating 100-160 bpm and circulation is beginning.  intestines and pituitary gland are forming.
due date: well, according to's estimation, jan 11

maternity clothes: no, but i've had to do the rubber band trick for a few pairs of pants
sleep: sleeping very well, even without my melatonin
best moment this week: no big moments, pregnancy-wise.  on sunday, matt gave me a mother's day card from padfoot, which was totally adorable
food cravings: nothing out of the ordinary
food/smell aversions: nothing out of the ordinary
symptoms: out of control bloating, and my boobs are sore (my left more than my right).  i've also had a few random bouts of nausea here and there
gender: i have a girly gut feeling
belly button: in
wedding rings: on

i can't believe we're still 2 weeks away from our first appointment!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, it's amazing how fast the bloat starts! I told my family that I was pregnant right about when I was 7 weeks, and they kept confusing my baby BLOAT with a baby bump. I finally just let it go and let them have their moment, but it was NOT baby, it was ALL bloat.