Friday, May 18, 2012

georgia on my mind - part 2

ok, i know i didn't take many pictures in peachtree city.  i took more in savannah, though.

so matt and i headed out sunday morning.  the drive took us about 4 1/2 hours, which was actually longer than i'd anticipated.  i though it would only take about 3 1/2.  i underestimated it and it was kind of disappointing.  oh well.  we made it.  oh, and our rental car, a nissan sentra, got absolutely amazing gas mileage.  for the trip to savannah, it averaged about 41 mpg.  we made that whole round-trip, plus driving to/from the airport, and only had to fill up 2x.  i was pretty impressed.  maybe i'm a nerd.

anyway, we arrived in savannah around 4:15 and checked in to our hotel.  the street by the hotel was packed and we didn't know what to do or where to park, so i called.  the woman at the front desk said to come down the street above the hotel and she'd have the bellman meet us there to get our luggage.  then we had to go and ask a police officer to move his car so we could get down to factors walk, where the hotel parking lot was.  there was a big festival going on at the riverfront, so the street was closed off to car traffic.  but i thought it was really great that they sent the bellman up to get our luggage and put it in our room while we parked and checked in.  major "plus" for the hotel, right there.

the hotel was great.  after much research, i chose the olde harbour inn, right on the river.  i booked us in a queen suite with a balcony on the river.  it was great.  i also chose it because they have breakfast in the morning, a wine and cheese reception in the evening, and they bring you a free klondike bar every night.  i mean, what's not to love about that?!  matt and i didn't end up taking part in the wine and cheese reception, but we sure enjoyed those klondike bars!

our first night, we decided to just walk around the river walk for a bit.  we checked at the front desk about haunted tours to see if they could recommend one.  they gave us a brochure for one and the lady told us that the tour guide is kind of creepy, but really good, cuz he's really into this whole ghost-hunting business.  we were sold.  we also asked about getting reservations at the olde pink house for dinner and she said that for sunday night, it would probably be impossible.  she offered to make us reservations for monday night, but then she told us that they have some first-come-first-served seating, too, and if we get there by 6:30 or after 9, we shouldn't have to wait too long.  it was about 5:45, so we decided to head on over and take our chances.  we got the last free table!  the olde pink house is kind of a savannah institution, and it specializes in low-country cooking, which i absolutely love.  i was so glad we got to eat there!  after dinner we walked around a bit more, checking out ellis square and city market, then made our way back to the hotel along the river walk and checked out the tall ships, which were in town for the tall ships festival.  we got back to the hotel, turned out the phillies game, enjoyed our klondike bars, and had an early, quiet night in.

that night around 10:30 or so, we heard singing or chanting coming from outside.  i walked out onto the balcony and found the singapore tall ship crew engaging in what i can only guess was their physical training for the day.  they ran laps around the parking lot, then did some situps.  and sang the entire time.  it was nuts.

i'll be back in a few days to tell you about our trolley tour and haunted tour, which was great!


Jessica said...

You had me at free Klondike bar... LOL
I've been wanting to visit Savannah for ages!

Christina said...

That hotel sounds so cool! I haven’t heard of service like that in a long time. Southern hospitality, I guess! It looks so pretty there. Great sunset shots!