Thursday, May 31, 2012

i just realized....

i can't do rollercoasters this summer!  that means no hersheypark.  we were planning to go once or twice this summer since they opened up a new coaster that looks pretty awesome.  guess that's out!

source: from pennlive
that means no six flags.  every year, my work hosts a day at six flags in nj - for $90, you get two park tickets (which includes the amusement park, water park, and safari), a parking pass, and free lunch at their designated picnic area!  matt and i have gone the past 3 years.  cuz we're total rollercoaster junkies.  not this year!

source: from wikipedia

that also means no universal studios and - worst of all - no harry potter!  we've been talking about going back down to orlando in the fall with my sister and her husband.  we'd stay at my parents' place in the villages, which is about an hour north of orlando.  matt and i went in october and it was probably our favorite vacation ever.  we relaxed a lot and we also spent a few days at universal studios.  we did harry potter world, of course, which was, like, the greatest place in the entire world.  the best ride of the day was definitely the harry potter ride.  and the rip, ride, rock-it rollercoaster.  both of those are definitely out of the question for me this year!

source: from orlandosentinel
man, that's a bummer.  i love me some summertime amusement park fun!


Christina said...

Doesn't that suck!? Before we started trying we went to Disneyland, plus three theme parks in Illinois and Ohio. I had to get it out of my system!

Jessica said...

When I realized I couldn't ride roller coasters, I was PISSED!!