Thursday, May 3, 2012

news notes

dentist pulls out all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth after split - yikes.  that is intense.  thank goodness i like [most of] my exes!

jessica simpson gives birth to baby girl maxwell drew johnson - man, it feels like jessica simpson was pregnant for a lifetime!  9lb 13oz.  big girl!  not sure how i feel about the name, but it's not my kid, so whatever.

what nutritionists order at fast food restaurants - interesting.  i didn't even know bk had a veggie burger.  my step-sister says they're really good, though!

buzz bissinger on raising a special needs child - a beautiful article.  but i think the most beautiful words come from one of the commentors who says, "the hardest and most important thing for me as a parent is to keep seeing the child who is actually in front of me, not who i want them to be, or wish they were, or would find easier to deal with, but the actual child i have."  wow.

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Christina said...

OMG! That dentist thing is INSANE. And hilarious.