Tuesday, May 1, 2012

nursery thoughts - travel

here is another theme that i am completely loving for a nursery - travel.  i grew up traveling pretty extensively with my family and loved every single second of it.  i was very lucky that way.  matt didn't travel much growing up, but since we started dating, i've taken him on many vacations and he really enjoys it, too.  our hope is to be able to share our love of travel with our children.  so what better way to start them off with an appreciation for travel than to design the nursery with a travel-inspired theme?  i found some great ways to do that.

first up, this nursery from project nursery.  this is amazing.  i love that they hand-painted the scenery around the walls.  i love the quote on the wall when you first walk in.  and i adore that rug.  if we go with a travel theme, i really want to find that rug.  it is awesome.  you should click through and look at all the pictures.

source: from projectnursery on pinterest

source: from projectnursery on pinterest
source: from landofnod on pinterest

outside of that nursery, here are some other great ideas that really showcase a love of travel.

source: from littlebirdiesecrets via katy on pinterest
 i love this idea to take pictures that represent places you've been.  i bet you could find some adorable graphic prints of the eiffel tower, the colisseum, palm trees...i think they're adorable.

source: from chiccheapnursery on pinterest

source: from allmodern on pinterest

source: from etsy on pinterest

another idea is to make these small map prints with important places in your relationship, like where you met and where you got married and where baby was born.

source: from minimoz via lisa on pinterest

i could definitely see us doing a travel theme.  what a great way to inspire imagination and creativity and curiosity.  to me, it feels like more a boy theme, but maybe that's just because most of the pictures i've seen are boy-ish colors.

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Christina said...

I think travel is a great theme! There really are so many ways you can personalize it. I love the rug!