Monday, May 14, 2012

georgia on my mind - part 1

we're back!  what a great trip we had!!  i mean, aside from the bfp and subsequent celebrations, it was such a wonderful vacation.  i was definitely sad to see it end.

wednesday night we dropped little padfoot off at the kennel.  i did a lot of research and chose preppy pets in warminster (about 20 minutes from our house) based on its excellent reviews and its cost (by far the cheapest in the area, by about $5 a night!).  they were super sweet when we checked her in and we left her with my steelers slanket (cuz she always sits on my lap when i'm wearing it), her favorite ball, and a bag of food.  mama cried a little bit when we drove away, cuz she's such a sap.

this trip was a little different for us in that we flew standby.  so we didn't know exactly what flights we were taking until wednesday night.  abriel's husband, dave, works for delta airlines, so we were able to get flights through him for significantly cheaper.  plus, we got to check bags for free.  bonus!  so wednesday night, abriel and dave looked at the flights and we looked at the train schedules and decided to take the 11:45am flight out of philly on thursday morning - it had 60 open seats, so we were pretty confident we'd get "cleared" for travel on the flight.  we took the 9:54 train from home and got the airport around 10:50.  yup, we had 55 minutes to check in, check our bags, and get through security.  we definitely cut it a little close, but we made it.

once we landed in atlanta, we picked up our rental car (we got a fantastic deal through hotwire) and hit the road to peachtree city.  it was a really easy drive, and only took us about 35 minutes.  can i just tell you, peachtree city is so charming!  it is a golf-course community, so there are golf cart paths all over the town, which double as walking/biking trails.  it is awesome.  abriel and dave's house is in a perfect little neighborhood with a path right behind it.  it's pretty idyllic, really.

thursday night, abriel and dave got a babysitter, so the 4 of us went out to dinner.  we ate a little place called grinds and vines.  the food was really yummy.  after we got home, we just hung out on their back porch and caught up.

friday morning, abriel and i went to get pedicures while the boys stayed home with cal.  cal is about 18 months old and pretty much the cutest kid on the planet.  once we got home, the boys headed out to play golf and abriel and i sat on the back porch and gossiped and read old notes from high school while cal napped.  cal woke up and the three of us drove over to senoia so i could see abriel's shop.  it's so beautiful, and i could not be more proud of her.  we walked around the little town of senoia, which is such an adorable little town.we went into a bunch of antique shops and a few boutiques.  abriel bought the baby a super-cute little giraffe lovie that is honestly the softest thing i've ever touched in my life and i kind of want to keep it for myself, ha!  we went to the bakery in her building and got some cake pops.  i got a red velvet and then i also bought matt a bacon beer cheddar cupcake.  it sounds kind of gross, but it was actually really delicious. friday night dave grilled steak and shrimp kebabs and also threw in some lobster tails.  it was such a yummy dinner!  after cal went down for the night, we sat around and spent more time catching up.

saturday morning after dave made breakfast, the 5 of us loaded into the golf cart and took a drive around the paths.  we went to the local lake and cal got out and took a few turns down the slide.  once we got back, the boys went out to play another 9 holes of golf and abriel and i enjoyed our time at home.  i started reading a couple of the pregnancy books she lent me.  once cal woke up from his nap, the three of us took a walk around the paths behind their house.  we met up with the boys for lunch at a barbecue place and then they went shopping for the evening.  we were very excited about our plans for the night - first, the kentucky derby.  then, tacos and guac for cinco de mayo.  then, to top it all off, the foreigner concert!  i was starting to feel exhausted and knew we had a big night ahead of us, so i laid down to take a quick nap.  an hour later, i woke up feeling refreshed.

abriel and dave had invited a few of their friends over and it was great meeting them.  one of the couples was taking cal home with them for a sleepover and the other couple was coming with us to the concert.  we watched the kentucky derby (though i had paid zero attention and had no preference to who won) and then chowed down on yummy turkey tacos.  finally, it was time to pack up the golf cart and head over to the concert.  the show was at this local ampitheater called the fred where you can bring in whatever you want - coolers, picnic baskets, etc.  it was really cool.  so we packed a cooler full of drinks (water for me) and then i sober-cabbed us all over.  ok, you guys, full disclosure?  foreigner was awesome.  we had so much fun!  i thought i knew, like, a few foreigner songs and that would be it.  i knew  we were all dancing and singing along.  i did not expect it to be that great.  after the show was over, i drove us all back home and everyone went to bed.

sunday morning when matt and i woke up, abriel and dave had already left to pick up cal.  on their way home, they picked up waffle house waffles for us for breakfast.  wow, no wonder the south loves waffle house so much!  delish!  we said our goodbyes and matt and i hit the road for savannah.  coming, all the savannah fun and games!


Anonymous said...

Kind of a random comment here---we booked our "babymoon" for early July and I feel like we're getting ripped off on a rental car (ALL companies are over $300/week, according to kayak) and I was considering using hotwire to score something cheaper, but I've never used it for a car, only hotels. I think we're going to give it a go---glad to know you saved a lot of money by using it.

Christina said...

I'm glad to hear Foreigner was good. I just bought tickets yesterday to see them in August!