Friday, May 11, 2012

getting our bfp

during the 2ww, i wasn't really feeling many symptoms at all.  i had some minor boob soreness, but nothing remarkable (and only in the left one, weirdly).  i had some weird cramps at around 5-6 dpo that i wrote off as gas pains.  other than that, i felt totally normal.  even in my symptom-spotting hysteria, i couldn't find anything.  which, of course, had me convinced by the end that i wasn't pregnant.

on tuesday the 1st, my temp spiked from 97.7 to 98.4.  at 11 dpo and 3 days before af was due, that was definitely weird.  it dropped a bit on wednesday to 98.2 and then held steady on thursday at 98.2.  i was going to wait to poas until friday, but since my temperature was holding steady at way above my coverline (97.4), i decided to go for it.  here's what the first amazon-purchased wondfo test strip looked like.

a suuuuuuper faint 2nd line, but a 2nd line nonetheless.  i packed 2 digital tests in our suitcase and tried to not celebrate yet.

we arrived in georgia and i realized that i'd forgotten my bbt thermometer.  abriel asked if i needed to go out and get one and i said i wasn't really even sure i'd need it.  i showed her the picture of the test and she agreed - that's a 2nd line and that's a positive.

i woke up friday morning and took the digital test.  this was undeniable, which is what makes the digital tests so freaking awesome.

yup, that says pregnant.  i showed it to matt and we just laid together in bed, crying and laughing and enjoying the moment.  i gave him the onesie i'd gotten for him - a "house divided" onesie to represent our two alma maters, pitt and penn state.

after a few minutes, i got up and went downstairs and shared the good news with abriel.  after she had herself a good cry and we celebrated with cal, she immediately got out all her pregnancy books and videos for me to peruse and borrow whatever i wanted.  dave came downstairs later and we told him.  celebrations all around!  i wanted to call my sister and asked matt if he wanted to be with me when i called her.  he didn't care, so i called her while cal was napping and the boys were golfing.  her first response was, "wait, what?"  after i said it a second time, she was totally excited.  we talked for a little bit and when we hung up i said, "i love you, aunt callie!"  she laughed and we said goodbye.

despite the fact that matt had laid eyes on the test himself, he still wasn't convinced, so saturday morning i took the 2nd digital test and got the same, undeniable result: pregnant.  we celebrated again.

it still feels a little bit surreal.  i'm still not really having any symptoms except for major bloating and i'm a bit gassy.  i'm not sure it will feel real until we go to our first appointmen, which i scheduled for monday, june 4.  i'll be 8w, 5d.  wow.

it was so special to be able to share the news with abriel and dave.  i'm going back and forth on when and how to tell my mom and then matt's mom.  more on that to come, though...


Jessica said...

AW, I'm still so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

That onesie is adorable! I tell everyone to buy tons of those wondfo test strips--they are SO sensitive and super cheap. I can't believe you have to wait that long for your appointment, good luck staying patient but at least once you do go you'll be able to see the heartbeat.

Christina said...

So sweet! Congrats again!! And what a cute onesie!