Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i'm talking myself out of pregnancy

i'm 6w5d and don't feel pregnant.  my boobs are a little sore.  the past 2 mornings, i had a headache and some nausea, but it was also dreary, rainy, humid weather, which is a perfect trigger for migraines.  this morning i felt fine. 

you've heard of psychosomatic pregnancy, right?  where a woman believes so strongly that she's pregnant that her body starts to mimic actual pregnancy symptoms?  i wonder if there is an opposite kind of thing.  where, like, i'm still not really convinced that i'm pregnant so i'm making my body behave as if i'm not? 

i'm dying here, waiting for our first appointment.  it's still a week and a half away.  all i want to know is if i'm legitimately pregnant and if everything is measuring ok!  it's a whole new 2ww and it's fucking brutal.

also, something outside my office door is making the most obnoxious sound in the world and i want to find it and kill it.


Jessica said...

Aww. Try and plan some fun things for the next 2 weeks to get your mind off the appt? :/

Christina said...

I totally remember that feeling. My first pregnancy was a dream, up until about 15 weeks. I really didn't think I was pregnant until I heard his heartbeat at twelve weeks. Just try to sit back and enjoy it. Soon enough you'll look and feel extremely pregnant and you'll miss these easy days.

Anonymous said...

I did this around the 5-6 week mark too. I would FREAK OUT about every 2-3 days that I thought the baby wasn't there anymore. I feel for you! It's hard to pass the time when you just want to GO TO THE DOCTOR. Hope you're able to stay busy and the next 2 weeks go fast for you.