Thursday, May 17, 2012

news notes

greeks withdraw $894 million in one day - shit is gettin real, yo.  seriously, though, this is getting scary. 

bristol palin draws fire for gay marriage comments - i have to wonder if bristol thinks before she opens her stupid mouth.  i mean, she does realize that her child does not live in a "traditional" home, right?  or is she suffering from selective amnesia?

obama declares support for same-sex marriage - this made my heart so happy.  i was so proud of our president.

kansas house passes most dangerous sweeping anti-abortion laws in the nation - this literally made me sick to my stomach.  just a day after the disappointing north carolina vote, this news came out.  i wanted to cry.  i am so horrified for the women of kansas.  i mean, it's actually legal for a doctor to lie to his patients!  gross.

hawaii first state to ban plastic bags at checkout - brilliant.  love it.  get on board, rest of america!

baby number 2 in the works for for guiliana and bill rancic - ok, i was totally thrilled for them when the first baby worked out.  but now it seems a little ridiculous.  i mean, give yourselves a chance to be parents.  give yourselves a chance to get to know the first baby before you bring the 2nd one into the mix.  or am i crazy?

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Christina said...

I love how Bristol’s remarks were something about studies showing that kids grow up best in a family with a mother and a father. Um, where’s your kid’s father? She’s stupid. It’s all publicity for her reality show. I love Obama! Kansas blows my mind. How is it so backwards??? We have a few cities here that have banned plastic bags. I wish it our entire state would jump on board. I never use plastic bags, but I know I’m in the minority.