Monday, April 23, 2012

my week according to instagram

didn't take too many photos this week, unfortunately.  and i doubt i will this week, either.  the weather is supposed to be completely craptastic all week long.  yesterday we got hammered with rain and we're pretty much looking at sporadic rain for the entire week.  gross.

we were pleasantly surprised by the weather on saturday, since we thought it was going to rain all weekend long.  it ended up being sunny and about 78-degrees, so we were able to get some work done outside.  first, though, we had a contractor come by to give us an estimate on some work we want to have done in the front of the house.  last year, we had this company come by and rip out some shrubs and then build a retaining wall (see that project here).  but once that was done, we hated how the new wall looked up against the old flagstone steps, so now we're having them come back out to tear out the old steps and rebuild to match the wall.  we also had them give us an estimate on replacing the concrete patio with pavers. we also had him give us a quote on rebuilding the retaining wall around the tree in our front yard.  right now it's just stone (flagstone, i guess?) but it's falling apart and growing mold - it looks disgusting.  so we wanted to have them take that down and replace it with one to match the one in the front of the house.  mike from deleone landscaping came out and gave us a really great quote, but our budget will not allow for the entire project to be done at once.  so we will probably just do the steps and patio this year, and then the other retaining wall next year. 

anyway, once mike left, we did some weeding around the other gardens and i cleaned all of the patio furniture while matt trimmed the rhododendron bushes.  then we cleaned the house inside.  padfoot is still absolutely terrified of the vacuum, so i always have to lock her in the blue room while i'm sweeping, otherwise, she hides behind the fridge and i can't get her out for hours.  after i finished, she and i sat up in the window seat for a bit, enjoying the lovely weather. 

sunday we woke up (late!  10am!  thank you, padfoot!) and it was pouring out.  we had plans to meet my dad, sister, and her husband in wilmington for a birthday lunch (mine and callie's was in march, my dad's is on wednesday).  we ate lunch at iron hill brewery and then my dad, matt, and i went to see 21 jump street.  callie and anthony ended up leaving after lunch because they leave for hawaii on wednesday and needed to get laundry and some packing done.  you guys, you have to see 21 jump street.  it was hysterical.  i definitely was not expecting it to be that good.  we laughed through the entire thing.

anyway, here are the (very) few photos i took this week.  enjoy!

top l-r: ready for summer, cat grass love
bottom l-r: window seated, purple rain

hope you guys all had a great weekend and survived the rain/snow!  

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