Wednesday, April 18, 2012


have you heard of timehop yet?  i can't even remember where i read about it, but i checked it out and it's fun!  it's a service you can sign up for that will email you your social media postings from that day a year ago.  you can link it to your facebook, twitter, foursquare, and instagram accounts.  so for today, my facebook updates were about booking our trip to orlando for our anniversary, bottling a batch of matt's home-brewed beer, and watching waiting for superman.  i get an email in my inbox every morning telling me what i was doing a year ago. 

i know a lot of people are all up-in-arms about the new facebook timeline, but i actually kind of like it.  i voluntarily switched mine over about 6 months ago (at least).  i like that it gives you the opportunity to go back and add "important dates" in your timeline.  and you can look back at what you were doing.  the layout is a little bit harder to read, as it's not just a single column of stuff in completely chronological order.  but once you get used to it, i think it's pretty cool.

what do you think of the timeline?

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