Thursday, April 26, 2012

news notes

a surprising risk for toddlers at playground slides - never really thought about it, but it does make perfect sense.  definitely gonna keep this in mind!  yikes!

catholic school teacher fired for using in-vitro fertilization - oh, this is just disgusting.  this is reason #768 why i would never consider attending a catholic church.  hypocrites.

instagram and pinterest follow in tumblr's footsteps in promoting healthy community - i have often found some of the posts on pinterest to be really disturbing-ly pro-anorexia.  i'm so happy to see they've taken steps to prevent this.  also, while you're on the link, snoop around the twloha website. it's an amazing organization and one that i support completely!

the cystic fibrosis foundation posted on facebook that the senate health committee passed the experrt act and it now moves on to the house energy and commerce commitee before finally falling to congress to pass into law.  the experrt act is an important step in moving research and drug development for rare diseases (like cystic fibrosis) forward.  please take a moment to email your congressman/woman and urge them to pass this.  my college roommate has cf and it is a devastating disease.

group claims responsibility for pitt bomb threats - yippee!  so happy this nightmare is over for my pitt family!  h2p!

marine who criticized obama on facebook: i wish i could take it all back - i bet you do, now that you've been dishonorably discharged.  this guy is a first-class dope.  you are a soldier in the united states military.  what's the first rule in the military?  never question your superiors.  the president is your commander in chief.  aka, your ultimate superior.  idiot.

rodney king anniversary: 20 years after la riots, have race relations improved? - can you believe it's been 20 years?  when this was actually happening, i was in 7th grade.  i had absolutely no understanding of how significant it was.  i definitely want to dig through some of the special coverage that nbc los angeles has.  rodney king was on celebrity rehab a couple of years ago and he really broke my heart.  often on that show i have a hard time feeling for the patients because they behave like such entitled assholes.  but rodney kind was clearly in pain and just couldn't face that issue.  so sad. 

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