Monday, April 23, 2012

weird signs

so i think o day was yesterday.  i think.  i'm not sure because my temperature spiked on saturday, then yesterday dropped again, and today went back up. 

source: from fertilityfriend

that's my chart on fertility friend.  see, it's kind of all over the place.  i'm not entire sure that that 97.7 on the 21st was totally accurate - i had kind of been awake for a while before taking my temperature.  if it is, i'm anxious to see where ff is going to put my coverline.  i'm kind of guessing it'll be around 97.6, with that 97.7 being just a fluke. 

yesterday and today i've been having some weird symptoms and i'm really not sure what to think of them.  i had some minor cramping yesterday and then last night i felt really nauseated.  i could have been due to the big slupper (late lunch/early supper) we had, but who knows.  also, yesterday and today my boobs have been very sore.  i usually get some soreness about a week before my period, but this is way early and a little different.  i've read that some women experience ovulation pain, so i'm assuming maybe that's what i'm having? 

as you can see, we kept pretty busy this past week.  i took my fertile cm faithfully (and definitely noticed a difference).  as far as i'm concerned, we're in our latest 2ww.  af is due on 5/6, which is the day we leave our friends' house in peachtree to drive to savannah.  abriel has been aware of the ttc journey for us all along, so it would be so wonderful to share exciting news with her!  if this cycle doesn't work, i'm calling the doctor, cuz we definitely did everything right this time around! 

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