Thursday, April 12, 2012

why i love glee...

because no other show could incorporate a duran duran mash-up and a song by gotye in the same breath and actually pull it off.

because chris colfer is perfection.

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because kids are hearing songs that, unless their parents force them to listen to them, they would never hear otherwise (honestly, what kid listens to duran duran these days?).

because jane lynch is perfection.

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because it deals with some pretty heavy topics: bullying, suicide (though i was disappointed that there was no mention at all of karofski in wednesday's episode), teen pregnancy, adoption, and now sue's abnormal amnio, which means she'll likely have a baby with a birth defect or disability of some sort.  name one other show that has covered all these topics.

because it takes one of those topics, and then incorporates the message elsewhere.  for example, after karofski's suicide attempt, they had a psa at the end to promote a bullying hotline.  when they first introduced the character becky and sue's sister with down syndrome, they ran a psa for the "stop the r word" campaign.  and now that quinn is paraplegic due to texting while driving, they had 2 commercials to "delete" texting and driving.

because will and emma are the cutest couple in the history of forever.

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 because it's fun and puts a smile on my face every week.

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Jessica said...

Hmm, we didn't see Emma at all this week.